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4 week blues


Don't Worry Be Happy
there is no quick fix but look at your weight lose already, amazing and show that sticking by TFR rules it pays off, hope it gets easier for you :)


I will be skinny again!!!

Ok firstly, why are you having problems with the water?? Go to your local garage and buy a 1 litre sports bottle of water.. carry it with you every where and just sip it throughout the day, I find im drinking atleast 3 litres of water this way!

And secondly, unless you have had something outside of the diet plan you wont be hungry.. its your physicological hunger.. We all experience it.. its the weekend, a time for munching and enjoying a relaxing weekend, but remember healthy food will be there once you have reached your goal.. it is a short period out of your life, how ever long it feels right now.. but the results are speaking for themselves and you will feel amazing for getting through it!

Go have a nice hot bath/shower. Was your hair and rinse it a few times with conditioner to make it feel extra soft! moisturise your face and give yourself a good pampering.. Paint your nails and toenails, and before you know it will be bed time..

Good luck xxxx


I have to say that if it hadn't been for this site i could have give up on day 2. The only thing keeping me going is the end result.

I have been going to bed earlier if the hunger is screaming. The worst is cooking for the kids. and the smells.

I am surprised at how full the meals make you feel, but the jeans are starting to feel a bit loose.

Thanks again for the support.

As chelly said use a 1 litre sports cap bottle that'll help get
the water in I have a routine I drink 1.5L between 8 and 12 then have
first shake then another 1.5L between 12 and 4 then have second shake then I
drink 1L between 4 and 8pm and there we have it 4 litres downed!!
I also have four or five cups of green tea a day:)


Having a mid-life crisis
It really is a rollercoaster. I'm in week 7 and starting to struggle, it doesn't help that I'm showing a low loss this week, so motiviation is at a low.

I agree, if it wasn't for this forum I doubt very much I'd have made it this far!
i took your advice....my wife doesn't seem too impressed though!!! :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

Im going through a hungry point at the moment.i just keepon with the water and getting loads of sleep
yeah thats what i do! stay with the water n i must admit i feel full n better when i have the shake. n freshen ure breath with a spray. at least thats what i do then i dont feel like eatin..make sense?

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