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4 weeks in and disappointed this wk


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Hi everyone, i have been reading posts on this site since I started 23rd May but this is my first post. I would like to say how impressed I am with the stories I have read and how supportive you all are of each other. I have just had my 4 week weigh in and was really disappointed to have only lost 2 1/2 lbs. My first 3 weeks were great: wk 1 -6.5lbs, wk 2 -7lbs, wk 3 - 7lbs. So 2.5 was a bit of a let down! I have been really good too. I am on ss and havent cheated once. Is this normal or just a blip? I want to lose about 6st altogether! :sigh:
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Hi, You have lost 23lbs in 4 weeks which is fantastic. CD only states a stone a month so you are smashing that and should be extremely proud. When I did CD my CDC told me that you body takes a pattern around week 4 or 5 and some lose steady and some lose big one week and small the next. Have you checked your measurements the times you lose less are the times you lose inches. Also things like TOTM can affect losses. Whatever the cause you should not feel disappointed as your losses so far are inspirational to others. Take Care and stick with it xx
its completely normal for your weightlosses to slow down after the first few weeks, especially as you had such fantastic losses in your first 3 weeks. Sadly they don't stay quite that high but that still means you've lost over a stone and a half in a mere 4 weeks.

Try and keep positive,I know its hard when your expecting to loose more and don't but you might have a better loss next week, it'll average itself out eventually :)

and well done for how well you've done!!



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Well done on your weight loss. 23lb in 4 week is amazing, the average is about loss is 14lb.
2.5lb is by no means a blip, some weeks will be better than others. It is best to look at your weight loss over a month than focus on a week when it is slightly.


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Can only echo what the others have said - you've done fantastically well in just 4 weeks! Keep at it - yes some weeks the losses will be lower than others but on the whole they'll average out, so be extremely proud of what you've achieved so far.

Well done again and hope to see you posting again :D


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Thankyou to both of you. I am still determined to carry on as dont want to be fat and forty! Birthday in November so want to reach my goal by then....fingers crossed! have just measured myself and have lost 3 inches off my waist and 2 off arms, legs and hips so am chuffed with that! Am a real control freak in every other part of my life and food has always been out of control for me so this diet is fantastic because it really means I can regulate what I am eating! I have been a bit addicted to the scales though so have decided to hide them in the cupboard this week and just wait for my next weigh in!
Thanks again
Nikki xx
Hi nikki, i agree with what everyone else said. Congrats on your weight loss to date. Its excellent. Some weeks wont be as good as others but it will even out to a stone a month. good idea about hiding the scales i do get my bf to bring them to work with him!!

becky x x


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You have done brilliantly so far, please don't feel disappointed! keep up the good work! xx
Hi skinikki! Well done on your fab losses - 23lbs is amazing in 4 weeks! I lost 1lb in my 4th week and it hit me really hard at the time so I know where you are coming from! BUT, please do not let it get you down, its just your bodys way of balancing things out a bit.

I have had several weigh-ins with a 2lb or 1lb loss and I really don't let it get me down anymore. I know that I do nothing differently on these weeks to any others where I may lose 8lbs. You really are on track and doing fab - don't dwell on the last loss, celebrate it!! Its a loss after all and they all add up!!!

Love Kj xxx

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