49 weekly points guidance please x


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Can anyone help me please. This is the first time i have ever joined a slimming group. I am 5' 3" and currently at 9st 11lb! Would love to get back to 9st 1lb!!!
in regards to my daily allowance of 26 i am sticking to it with ease and although only been doing it for a few days am determined to stick with it!
the query i have is the 49 weekly points we have. If i don't go over my daily points each week does that mean i can use these extra points to have a bottle of wine now and again, or a bar of choc?
don't,want,to use them if,its,really,going,to affect the programme.
any help would be great thanks,x
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Your 49 points can be split in any way. Some WW members divide theirs into the 7 days so give themselves an extra 7 points each day to allow for treats etc but some keep their 49 points for things such as nights out and alcohol. Its up to you how to use them :) Some people never touch theirs and others use all of them. If you're unsure then why not use them one week and see what your losses are then if its not enough maybe cut down the following week. Don't go hungry or without when they are sitting there. Using them won't make you put weight on! x


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And don't forget that you can also spend activity points that you earn if it suits the way you want to go with your plan. Personally, I have never touched either, but as a man, I had more points to play with for my dailies, or I may well have done :)


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I use usually save mine all for the weekend so that if I feel like having a treat then I can. To be honest...if I ever use them it's usually on alcohol *hic*


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I usually save mine for the weekend too. When I use them it's normally for wine or a takeaway. I tried splitting them up over the week but my losses weren't as good that way. It works differently for everyone though so I'd just experiment a bit.


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I keep mine for the weekend too. That way i you want a treat you can without ruining all of your hard work.