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Restart 3/9/2013
mine have gone small and droppy :( nothing a wonderbra won't fix lol


Staying on plan!
my back size has gone down by 4 inches, but my cup size is still the same !!!
lol festival fairy - maybe i should tell my husband that one he might get me a boob job :)
Droopy boobs here too.
The phrase spaniel's ears springs to mind.
lol i went on this diet thinking argh they only hang under my armpits becuase im so fat but the smaller they got the more they have drooped now they just hang like soggy teabags hehehe
Mine are still the same size as when I started. 36H :eek: I was hoping to lose something from them, there's still time I guess!


Restart 3/9/2013
Ceekay - My back size has shrunk 3inches already, but cup size still the same - I have however lost some of the nasty boob wing I had under each armpit - nice. Stupidly I was squeezing into a bra with a back size that was too small anyway - so my bra doesnt cut in under my arms for the first time since I got pregnant!!!! My own fault i know but have you ever tried buying a bra bigger than a 42G??? It aint easy!!!!

My back/chest has gone from 46inches to 43inches since I started, so almost actually fit my 42G!!!!
I was 40G - now down to a size 36G. They are shrinking but slower than the rest of me. I think its the places you want to lose it from that it just will not shift. I dont care if they droop as long as they are getting smaller :)


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Mine stayed at the 36G they have always been so now i look like a bigger Jordan...and i remember why i wanted to get fatter in the first place. To avoid the sexual attention from men


Step away from the chips!
mine have gone small and droppy :( nothing a wonderbra won't fix lol
I flopped mine into a Wonderbra last weekend and i still looked like i had two bee stings :mad::p What little i had to start off with is disappearing rapidly - if only my ass would shrink as quick :rolleyes:


Finally a size 12!
i quite liked my bum a ha ha but thats going ha ha ha not fussed about that but my boobs WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY