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4th day.....

Am restarting for the 3rd time in the last year and a bit. Am hoping to stick to it and drop 2 dress sizes for xmas.....roll on a comfortable size 16 (from and 18/20)!

I found it really hard 2nd time round- I have only ever done SS as my BMI is so high. (40+) I was 20st, but am now 18. I did get down to 16st13, but put a lot back on.

I am really glad to have found this site! I wish I had had it before!!!! I intend to blog and track my progress!! Any tips or hints for returners welcome! I am worried its going to be hard-especially to fit in around my job. I teach in a secondary school and the worst prob I have is needing to wee so often!!!!!! 2+times in an hour is a ridiculous impossibility at school!!!!!! But I know from the first time I did this, the more I drank the more I lost- 16lbs in my first week.

Back to it tomo for as long as I can possibly manage!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love and support to everyone!! xxx
PS has anyone found a councillor in Basingstoke? No one on the cambridge website for the Basingstoke area is returning my calls!
Hi... I'm just finishing my first week... And like you... I've done cd a few times... Lost the weight and then abruptly went off it :( and put the weight back on.

Don't know how you get around the loo issue... But in terms of the restart... I found that focusing on getting through 1 day at a time and having the shake when I can feel I need one really helped.

I have around the same weight to shed as you... So I'll be happy to buddy up with you if you want.
Good luck for tomorrow
That would be amazing!! Thank you :) I think I'll just think of the loo thing as every time I wee more of the fat goes away! Yay!!!

Am glad all this isn't just me! Good luck to you too! Xx
Hi I am restarting tomorrow. I lost a lot on the Cambridge a few years ago and have put it back on so know how you both feel. Have tried to get back on it a few times but never very successfully so am really nervous this time :(

I have about the same to loose so good luck to us all!!!
Good luck for today ladies... Try not to think of this as a task but rather as something that is not only going to make you feel better in the end... But also as something that is going to make you look amazing!! Other people can do it... So can we!!!
Hi ladies. I hope you are having a good day. I read your post this morning and it really motivated me, so far only a coffee, 1litre of water and a porridge has past my lips :)

This app is helping to keep me busy on my lunch break!!!!
Day 5 8lb loss!!!!!
Yay for the inspiration!! I love this app too!!!! Thank you!!! X
Wow that's great well done you ?

I'm trying not to weigh myself and only do the official weigh in but I can only go about once a month so I might have to look myself from time to time.
Aw thanks guys!!! Cant wait for end of week weigh in! xx
Im in a similar situation too, I have faffed around for a year doing CD and GI and constantly falling off the wagon. However, my brother and his fiance have just asked me to be bridesmaid at their wedding and the thought of being a 19 stone lump ruining all their photos has pushed me to sort this out properly. Im on day 5, getting along nicely but finding it hard to keep my head in the game and day dreaming of food constantly!

Hopefully we can keep each other going!

Good luck
Yes!! That would be ace! Friend me!! Xx
You are all keeping me going but if you want a buddy I'm happy to.

I hope you've all had a good day. I was in a meeting all day surrounded by sweets and buffet and it didn't bother me in the slightest. Could I be in the zone? Let's not get too excited it's only day 2 for me lol x
Don't fall off the wagon!!! I did and I'm freaking out!!!! Xx
Lol wasn't thinking!! Back on it now. Leek and pot soup, loads of water and exercis! All good :) wobble over xxx

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