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4th Weigh In..God the wks are going so quickly.. :)



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Well done, great loss this week. Good luck in the next. Yes the weeks do fly, and you'll be thiner sooner than you think.


Positivity is the key
Hi Sharpalina,
very well done to you, that's great, yes the weeks are flying by aren't they. Best of luck for the next week.
The time flies by doesn't it? That's a great weigh-in result :)
Thanks a mill everyone for your wonderful comments, as per usual!
I just had the tiniest splash of slimline milk in my tea there, I just couldnt get used to black tea so i had stopped drinking it altogether. But today i have been so cold and shiverry and i felt like i was coming down with something so i had a cup of tea, with the tiniest bit of milk. Now im afraid this is going to knock me out of Ketosis? can anyone help me? :) xx


Positivity is the key
Hi Sharpalina,
I think you will be fine. I don't know would it work but I wondered if you put some of the vanilla shake in tea would it be like milk, I know people mix it with coffee but I don't drink coffee. When I am cold I take peppermint tea or heat the chocolate shake and I find this helps. Hope you are fine, don't worry one drop won't do that much harm but don't keep repeating it.
Best of luck.
well done on your loss.... i really dont think the milk will have done any harm. i have done that before now without even realising hubby put the milk in. it was to late by the time i noticed. and it didnt knock me ot of ketosis.
Congratulations really well done


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Hi Sharpalina

Well done, that is a good loss...yes, the weeks just fly past! I have been amazed too, as I thought it would drag and drag.

I think like the others said, the splash of milk wont affect your ketosis, BUT, it could do if you keep doing it.

You have done so well!!

Take care
Thanks a million everybody, Your support is amazing..Really.
Best of luck to everyone with there WI's this wk :) xxxx

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