4th Weigh In - HAPPY !

Had my 4th Weigh in today at the doctors, FANTASTIC !!
Lost 10lbs !!! Can't quite believe that, 5.5 kgs, which I make 10 lbs. After last week I made sure I had a morning appointment. All of you who said you just wait next week will be better - WOW, ;) Thank You, because I stuck it out, even though I didn't feel like it. Anyone who is wavering like I was DON'T. And hopefully it will be worth it for you too.
My total lose is now 11 kgs in 4 weeks. I'm checking with my weigh in card because I can't quite believe it ! I'm beginning the refeeding now, when we come back from this 4 day break I plan to go over to cd, I think there is more flexibility with it.
Anyway a very HAPPY HAPPY bunny here, Now all I've got to do is learn how to move my ticker so that my weight lose shows:rolleyes:

Hi Gold Granny, your math is wrong!! there are just over 2.2lbs to the kilo so your loss is a whopping 12.1253 lbs

Congratulations and Very Well Done!!!
A well deserved reward for your grit and determination Ann Marie.

Well done - and good luck for the week ahead! :D