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4th weigh in

Had my weigh in today and i have lost 4lbs!! :D

My chemist cannot grasp stones and pounds and can only measure in kilos, which confuse me...

After weighing me in kilos and converting it into stones and pounds, she told me i was 14st 8lbs, compared to 15st 2lb last week... As you can imagine i was walking on air........ till i got home!!!

I really weigh 14st 11.9(?)lbs..... I was gutted!!! pmsl

From now on i am going to get her to do my weight in kilos for her, and in stones for me, then i will work it out for myself at home!!

It was a bit of a comedown, but for the journey home i was well chuffed!!! pmsl

Hope you are all doing well.... x x x

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> runs off to nose at the posts i haven't read yet x x
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Well done su
my chemist has the same problem, but they do my weight in kilos and lbs now
x keep it up x
Thank you hunni x x x
That's a great loss congrats :D
wow babes, that's brilliant I would do cartwheels for you if I could!!!!!!:happy096:

I'm going by my scales first thing in the morning too.....can't be doing with these new-fangled kilos!!!!! grumpy old woman that I am!!!


Will be thin god dammit!!
I so get confuddled with kilos, my hubby goes to the gym and is always talking to me about 'keys' and Im like WTF are you on about, why would you lift keys....... you could do that at home!!!! durrrr
Lmao! :D


Doing it exante style :)
Well done Su x
Looks like the Bullion didnt matter at all eh?


Fighting for My Health
Wow, well done Sue, that's amazing :D and your percentage of weight loss is even more so :)


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