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4th weigh in!

Hi guys i had my 4th WI today and lost 2lb. I know this is 2lb of fat and thats great but i can't help but feel a bit dissapointed! I know i haven't drank nearly as much water as i should have this week and i guess thats probably the reason. I hope! Anyway i just wanted reassurance that if i get my act together with the WATER my weight loss can pick up again?? I don't think i would appreciate 2lb each week, it would take a lot longer than i had anticipated.

Cheers guys
Tracy xx
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Yeah im sure your right Hope, I am only prob having about 2 or 3 pints. Bizarre because i love water usually. Im just all fed up with liquid i guess. Ive had 3 glasses tonight so i'll go fill up xx
Hi Tracy
I know what you mean cos I struggle with the water too. Everyday I tell myself I am going to drink more but it never works out. If I drink too much at work I have to keep going to the loo and they think its a little wierd if I am going every twenty minutes. I think I am drinking about 2 litres on a good day and not even 1 litre on bad days.

Be happy about your loss - I know you would probably have liked it to be more - but hey a loss is a loss! :)
yeah you're right and i am very grateful, i tried my size 16 jeans on earlier and they fit....with room! Thats much more important to me, feeling goood x


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yeah you're right and i am very grateful, i tried my size 16 jeans on earlier and they fit....with room! Thats much more important to me, feeling goood x


Well done Tracy:happy096:

You will find that the weeks your weight seems to be a bit slower is often the weeks that you come down in inches.

Love Mini xxx
Ah right thanks mini i shall dig out the tape measure tomorrow xxx
Hi Tracy,

Please don't get disheartened. I lost 2lb in my 3rd week and my 2 subsequent weeks I have had really good losses. Remember, every pound is that bit closer to your goal. :)
I would definately reccommend doing your measurements before starting the diet or as soon after you start as you remember.....as Mini said you will find on a low weight loss week the inches will have gone.....also the water is the key to helping the weight come off though you will still have the occassional low weight loss.
Do stick with it though as it will pick back up.

Keep up the fab loss.


Back on the wagon!
Well done TraceyJ.......the week I only lost 0.5lb was the day I moved down a size....so as Sonkie said keep that measuring tape out as you will have weeks that you have a lower loss it keeps you motivated.....well done 2lbs of fat gone....brilliant.....
Aww thanks a lot guys, i've felt great today having worn jeans i haven't worn for a long time! They were baggy and i actually looked good in them (hahaha big headed already). I went to my grans and she was really impressed and said i looked great, just imagine when i meet my target!! woohoo xxx


Back on the wagon!
Remember those feelings for the future....better than chocolate anyday!

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