5:2 Diet? Are you doing it?


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So basically I saw a leaflet on it in a magazine about this 5:2 diet everyones talking about, where you eat 2000cals for 5 days and then 2 days at 500cal. (pick and choose which days) then you need to drink lots of water and change your 2000cal diet to healthy foods.

I'm considering doing it as I already do something similar but lose control on the 'heavy' days but basically low cal starving for me is normal for at least one day a week...
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My Dad is actually doing this - double check what you are allowed on feast days and fast days because he said it was different for men and women - but he says it is brilliant - he does high protein and fat on the feast days with moderate carbs and on fast days he eats whatever he can fit in to the tiny calorie allowance! He looks so good on it (the big bags under his eyes he gets whenever he has tried losing weight previously have yet to appear on this one!) he has lost between 2 and 4 lb every week so far (5 weeks). If you do choose to do it make sure you drink LOADS of water. 2-4l a day helps with the hunger on fast days and the bad breath that you get with any relatively low carb diets for all the other days!

I am thinking of going on it as and when my weekly loss slows down!! :) if you do it please let me know how you are doing (I have not spoken to anyone else who is doing it) x


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I will do, the little booklet doesn't tell me huge amounts, just to swap white stuff for brown stuff and wholemeal. Is there a book, if so I might have to buy it but then it could be really expensive now it's becoming the next big thing heh...

I can't stick to the 1200-1600 low cal diets after 2 weeks, they get more and more restricting and I don't know why, so I'd rather have the 2000cal then just have fruit and water on the 500cal days. I know men have 600cal instead of 500cal, but thats all in the difference.

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Hi folks,

I checked out the 5:2 section of the forum a couple of weeks ago. I may do this at some point, but at the moment I think i would find 500 cals in a day, even sandwiched between two 2000 days, hard to stick to. There is a 5:2 area of the forum, as I've mentioned:

5:2 Fasting

If you have a look in there, somewhere (can't remember which thread), they are discussing 5:2 and apparently there's at least two different books on it, and each is quite a different method. On at least one of them there are certain things you can and can't have - such as, restricting carbs and not having certain types of foods and having to fast for a certain amount of hours in a row. So, if you go in there and find conflicting advice, it's worth asking *which* 5:2 diet the person giving the advice in doing. In that whole intermittent fasting area of the forum though, seems to be a mixture of people doing their own, various versions of...5:2...4:3...24 fasts followed by 'eat whatever' for a few days followed by another 24-hour fast and so on. One of the things I've read in there is that, for a lot of the IF (intermittent fasting) diets, they take the basic concept and then mix and match it as it suits them, with the basics appearing to be:

1. Eat healthily.
2. Don't binge / splurge.
3. Still make sure you get enough calories overall.
4. Drink enough water.
5. Fast for *a period of time* (this could be *only* 500 cals within a 16 or 24 hour period, or it could be a straight, 24 hour fast, or some variant of this).

I was reading about the paleo diet yesterday as well and apparently some paleo's include fasting as part of their diet too...paleo is also a low-carb diet which seems could and would work well with calorie counting. Might be worth checking out if you're interested.
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My dad isn't following a book, he is just sort of combining all the things he has found have worked for him in the past (when he was still in the army) eg moderate carbs and higher protein and fat. Also if you google the "Insanity Workout" food guide book it has loads of pages of 300 calorie recipes eg fruit shakes with 100 calorie add ons - it's really good because it gives you a little control and really filling and healthy recipes :) - I will see if I can find you the link! :)
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Here it is! It's called elite nutrition :)

http://www.teamunify.com/cast/__doc__/Insanity Nutrition Guide.pdf

As you can see it is a PDF so keep that in mind when you look at it. It is designed for people doing high intensity exercise so they eat 5 of those meals a day with as many add ons as they need as individuals but for your 500-600 cal days you could have one with two add ons or two basic ones - they taste good!

Obviously if you aren't doing loads of exercise you don't need to add protein powder to the shakes :)


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Hi it's on the judd/intermittent fasting section. :) the best book to get is the Dr Michael Moseley one. He's the guy who did the tv documentary last year. It's 600 cAls for men and 500 for women on a fast day but on a non fast day there's no limit to calorie intake. Although what they found was that people naturally limit themselves to around 125% of their normal daily intake.
Good luck :)

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Ok guys, I've gotten two books plus the 5:2 recipe book.
The first book I bought on Amazon (I'm sure I bought it on eBay but it came in an Amazon package lol. The 5:2 diet book by Kate Harrison
then i noticed another book by the guy who did the documentary, low priced in my Kobo library so thats where I bought it from, so I have the Dr's version and the cookbook, it seems however the Kate person wrote a book about the documentary...

I'm going to do my food menu and shopping today, hopefully it'll all me good, very likely my fasting day will be Sunday as I'm at work, then Tuesday, I'm not sure I'm always going to have Tuesday as my fasting day and I know you're suppose to have then on solid days but if I'm at home all day I know I will fail at it.
I work almost every Sunday so thats a perfect day, so the other day will have to fit on whatever day I'm working, Tuesday next week.


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Hey guys can I join please .

I'm starting the 5:2 with tues/sat being my fast days ! I'm at 8st 12 now and want to maintain and any loss will be a bonus ! I'm interested to see what calories you eat on feast days or what kind of meals you eat...

What's the kind of normal amount of calories to consume on feast days ?? I will have zero problems with fast days being a previous yo yo dieter this will be easy for me i think lol!!!!

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Starting 5:2 today. Saw Horizon some months ago and speed read the book yesterday.

Fingers crossed its the diet for me.....something has to be.

Weighed and measured earlier.

First fast day

G x

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