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    Is it just me or do others also feel 'weaker' in willpower in the last 2 days before they get weighed. I am only starting my third week today and I get weighed on Mondays. I find that by Friday I am struggling, I don't cheat but it's definitely harder to be 100%.
    Today I feel great, like I know I can do this, by Friday I am just lagging!

    Please someone tell me it gets easier!
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    I'm completely the opposite! I get weighed on Thursdays and once the scales show a loss I just think oh a bit of chocolate or one slice of pizza can't hurt- I've got all week to work it off haha! I guess everyone has different weak points, I know with some people its the weekends.
    Stick with it though, will all be worth it in the end! Whenever I feel my willpower waning then I come on here and look at the before and after pics lol
    Good luck! :)
  4. formyson

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    Yep I also have that problem after a monday weigh in. My consultant suggested seeing her on monday and friday for a bit which did help but now I have changed to a friday weigh in, can you change days?
    I also only treat myself to the chocolate bars on the weekend nights, that way I feel like I'm being a little bit naughty and I have something to look forward to!

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