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Glug Glug Glug
After doing so so well and being so proud of myself for not dwelling in naughty food, i broke my diet :cry:

Its been an awful day, with finding out that my daughters grandfather (her dads side) doesnt want to see her, and that her aunt who she rarely sees prefers to spend the day with her brothers girlfriend rather then her neice. Broke my heart. (After writing it down it dosnt sound like a big deal, but to me it is)

Soo after having noone to confide in and discuss things with, i turned to my not so good friend..Food. :cry:

Ive had two cups of coffee, a roast and a number of biscuits. i feel so **** about it, and i know tomorrow will be a new day but still..im so angry at my self.

Hope everyone else has had a better day then me.
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Oh dear honey :( Well the main thing is that you get back on LT tomorrow. You'll undo the damage in a couple of days hun.

As for those two people, if they are choosing not to spend time with your daughter then it is completely their loss. It is them that will miss out on seeing her and them that will feel bad for it. I know you feel bad at the moment but there's no use in dwelling on things that you cannot change sweetie.

Much love and hugs xxx


a new way of living!
dont beat yourself up about it, just get back on track and put it behind you.

maybe write a journal entry about how you feel and when you have another rough day where you would turn to food you can read it to help you be strong next time.

i say next time as there is always someone out there willing to rain on our parade!

chin up.
Dont beat yourself up about it because it will only make you feel worse. Just leave it at that though, dont eat anything else tonight. Start afresh now and you will be delighted with yourself before you know it. xx
(((Hugs))) Sorry to hear about your day hun.

You've done so well and you can carry on doing just as well tomorrow.

You deserved a dip, by the sounds of your day, so don't feel bad - just feel determined for tomorrow x


Glug Glug Glug
Aww you guys, thankyou for the kind words, i really appreciate it.
Yep, i new start is in order starting from ..now.
Woossh, now i realise how i got so chunky in the first place!

This website...god send!
Hun, people like that don't deserve a beautiful niece and she is better off without them. She has you and you have us.

Dust yourself off and get back on board and forget about those who have upset you. They aren't worth it.

Good luck babe.

tomorrow is monday new week a new time to start fresh and forget about the horibble people in your life today
you have done the right thing coming on here and telling people get it off your chest. start again and forget about what youu have done its in the past now.