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5th weigh in


i went and got weighed lunchtime and im down another 4lbs so 28 lb loss so far...really pleased

im also down a size in clothes now so OH got down the couple large bags of clothes from the attic and i sorted through it all and now have a much larger wardrobe to chose from ! you know its great being able to look in your wardrobe and to be able to pick out something you want to wear rather than what you can get into :)

h xx
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Oh well done that's FAB!!
I love the feeling of clothes getting too big!!
I have my 5th weigh in on Sunday eeeek!



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Fantastic weight loss Harriet:happy096:

Congratulations on being down a size!!! well done!!!

you know its great being able to look in your wardrobe and to be able to pick out something you want to wear rather than what you can get into :)

Love Mini xxx
Well done thats fabulous! I totally agree, its an ace feeling fitting into clothes that were too tight. I had my 6th weigh in today and am down 4.5 lbs, am over the moon! Last night I tried on a pair or sixe 14 skinny jeans (amoungst many other items of clothes)and they fit! I was PRANCING up and down the stairs showing everything off to my hubby to be! He was laughing as I was singing away aot myself all chuffed! Its amazing that one week something can be too tight then the next fit. Its makes me excited for next weeks fashion parade!!!

Well done x
hey thats great - well done you!

Yeah its such a great feeling when you can get into some fave clothes that havnt fitted a while. I love trying things on - and its cheaper than going shopping. I have loads of stuff that is too small, so it will be like having a spending spree if they ever fit me again. I hope this next week is a good one for you :)


Back on the wagon!
I had every size from 12 to 22 in my wardrobe and threw out the sizes as they got to big....never to be worn again!! Would recommend you do the same as you never want to be in the bigger sizes....or sell some of the good stuff on ebay for the new wardrobe!!
thanks everyone for replying..means a lot

bea - ive taken 4 black bin bags full of stuff thats now too big to the local charity shop...i could have sold some of it on ebay but to be honest i just wanted it out of the house..a bad reminder of what i once was if that doesnt sound too ott lol

well done pineapple - god its just such a great feeling isnt it...i dont know know about you but all the make up is surfacing again and im taking much more care of my appearance..i think i was so down on myself i thought i wasnt worth the effort..isnt that awful to say!

daisyhappy - good luck with sunday, im sure yourll lose loads x

mini - thanks x

daisybanks - i know exactly what you mean :)

thanks again everyone!!

h xx


Back on the wagon!
Oh well done harriet! Thats the spirit.....I was the same......took more interest in my makeup and hair than I have done for years....suppose I hated looking at myself when I was really fat....but it was really great to feel like a "pretty" girl/woman again....

This diet is the best!!
That's brilliant. I'm gradually moving down into my daughter's cast-offs - she's on LT as well, so she's leaving behind her stuff too. She was size 18 and is now in 16; I was size 22 and I'm after size 18 as 20 is too loose.

I wish I'd done this years ago, when I was in my 30s - even though LT wasn't around then.
well done.. its a great boost to drop a size :)

I dropped from 20/22 to 18 last year, vowed never to have to get the old stuff back out, but the 18's started becoming too snug for my liking so spurred me on to starting LT again.. my dream will be to never have step foot inside Evan's again ;)

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