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6 weeks till holiday, day 1 over.

Its only 6 weeks till i go on holiday and i am doing my upmost to lose a stone and a half before i go. Went to primark yesterday and brought a couple of beach skirts for a £1 each in a 12-14 rather than a 16-18 if i can get into them by the time i go away i will be very happy indeed. So for motivation i thought i would record all my calories for the day, am planning on cutting out all bread,pasta and potatoes and no alcohol for 6 weeks:cry:

So far today i have had one of my chocolate tetras left over from CD(137 cals) am planning on having half a tin of heinz chicken soup for lunch (bout 150cals) and then some chicken with salad or veg for dinner tonight.

Hopefully I am gonna do half hour on our eclipse exercise machine a day plus 50 sit ups and 50 push ups a day.

Am gonna update each day so this morning weight was 218 lbs i think, roll on tomorrow.
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** Chief WITCH **
I wish you much luck. I would be starving if I ate only that though and are you sure you're getting all your vitamins there?

Let us know how you get on. I think you could eat a lot more than that and lose weight. Perhaps not 21lbs, but 14lbs minimum should be easy enough in 6 weeks (depending if you're starting from scratch or moving over from ss).

Good luck!
Am starting from scratch just had my soup for lunch i'm hoping that because my body has been so use to eating rubbish recently that by going really strict I should lose more weight, Once i get back off holiday I will be SS on Cambridge but i just really need a quick fix, I know that there is no such thing coz once i am away i will probably put all that weight back on. i am going to get some stacker tablets next week i have had friends lose a stone in a week whilst on them. Will be posting everyday as thats the only way i can keep myself focused on the day ahead


** Chief WITCH **
The reason I asked about starting from scratch is that I lost 10.5lbs last week, on my restart to calorie counting (after 2 week overeating period when I gained loads too), by eating 1,000 or even 1,100 calories per day but watching the carbs.

If you look at the "what are you eating today" threads in this forum, you'll get an idea, but I was basically eating quite a bit. Just healthy things.

Breakfast - boiled egg, low calorie yoghurt, 1/2 grapefruit

Lunch - chicken or ham with salad or veg, yoghurt or fruit

Dinner - protein with salad or veg

3L minimum water

No potatoes, pasta, rice, bread etc and wasn't hungry as ate big platefuls of veg / lettuce + cucumber etc!
Am hoping to be having about 800 calories a day will have a look at those threads sometimes i can't get my head around you can eat alot of healthy food and still lose weight still consider it as over eating which i know is an unhealthy way to think.

Congratulation on your 10.5 loss thats amazing if i can achieve that over two weeks i will be thrilled
So this morning i weighed in at 215.6lbs meaning a loss of 2.4lbs on yeasterdays start weight. woohoo!!!!!!!

So this is my diet going ons for today

Breakfast- Apple and banana was gonna have it as a smoothie wit yoghurt and oats but got up to late

Lunch- Can of Heinz cream of chicken soup (198cals)

Dinner- Half a rump Steak with onions mushrooms and peppers and a spicy tomatoe sauce made from cherry toms and a bit of chilli powder

Snack- Sugarfree Jelly

Worked the calories out on weighlossresource and it came in over 800 cals so will have to do some serious exercise to get it under.

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