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7 stone


I will do this!!!
Hi Pizzle,

Monsoon has lost over 9 stone in about 6 months and has always had good weekly losses. I've lost 5 1/2 in about 4 months. LT say you should lose about a stone a month which I am averaging now, although the first month it was higher.

I'd say think about 6 months and be pleasantly surprised if you do it sooner. I have about another 3 1/2 stone to lose and hope to be at target by November, about another 2.5 - 3 months.

Hope that helps.

Good luck hun.

I started on 10 march 08 and finished on 12th July and I lost 7 stone. That is about 17 weeks so just over 4 months. I had a lot to lose though, and Im still at it. I think the rate varies depending on the person, how much they have to lose, water intake etc.

Best of luck, you will do fabulously!
Wow Serendipity that's fab! Well done.

Nicki26 god thats fantastic!!! Did you start to excercise as soon as you started or did you wait until you had lost a bit first?
Well done to you all, i still cant believe how quickly LT works!!
I suppose ive been quite lucky really. Apart from the headaches on day 2 & 3 ive felt really well. In fact ive felt better than i have done in a long while. Im only on week 5 and i still have 5-6 stone to lose so i still have a long journey ahead. I bet you feel fantastic!!


I will do this!!!
Thanks guys. I need to lose about 6/7 stone and a friend is arranging a night out so wanted to know when to do it. :)
It's difficult to give an estimate but if you go buy what LT say which is the standard '1st per month' then that should give you a rough idea. Like CF said, the first stone will come off very quickly but after that it should even out. x


I will do this!!!
well we've decided on feb to go out so i should be at my goal by then. Thanks :)

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