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7 weeks in !


Slowly but surely x
Sometimes I think that CD'ers see great results on a weekly basis and think "brilliant, I had a great loss.....im going to treat myself to......". I think this is a common mindset.
If you can, instead, treat yourself to nail polish, luxurious bubble baths or a facial (instead of food) - it might work.
My trick is to say "Im not wasting £40 to undo all my hard work over a bit of something that will give me pleasure for 10 seconds"

Hugs, darling x

I agree with Kirsty. It's to do with what you think (deep down) the food is doing for you. Can you try keeping a journal of what's gone on during the day/how you are feeling when the urge comes on? It can just be words jotted down e.g. tired, tense, stressed. Compulsive eating is almost always to do with using the food to manage an emotion. If you look under my posts I have one called "emotional eating" which has some information that may be helpful. Also thedietguy.co.uk is a good site for motivation.

Take care
And well done for coming out on the forum and asking for support!
rumbly-tums and galway girl ty so much!
i think its more of an automatic pilot thing, im doing so well and stupidly picking because i can not because i want to.
back on 100% as of this moment line in the sand and lots of water, walking and just dance!
youre weight losses are inspirational and ty for replying! xx
sorry! goreygirl sorry i got youre name wrong!
p.s weve lost the same amount.

I knew what you meant :) I've just been out doing my measurements - I only started them a couple of weeks ago (although my CDC has my originals) and am measuring my neck, ring finger, calf, upper arm ... anything I can put a tape around! lol
i started on the 10th of september i was originally after my holiday 19st 10 but i miraculously lost a stone and a pound or so before i started!
its amazing how the inches go my wedding and engagement ring are really loose and ive lost a shoe size! not to mention my dress size 24-26 to 18 top 20 bottom fantastic
ive been big all my life and i now finally feel that this is my time and that im not going to be that way for long just experiencing hiccups (self induced) along the way
my hair is also growing really quick have you noticed that or am i just being over critical??


Slowly but surely x
i think the water accelorates (sp?) hair growth. My skin feels amazing!
My hair is mega thick anyway so not noticed any change there. The big thing for me is I have stopped sweating. I used to be mortified... i'd break out in a sweat sweeping the kitchen floor!!! My knees don't ache either. I understand that's the sugar that did all that!
me too! i stand all day at work and i was getting to the point where theyd kill after the first hour at work and after a 9 hour shift id sit and find it hard to stand with my legs straight almost like my knees had set in a sitting position! not any more tho!
are you sure you not me goreygirl? lol!
are you sure you not me goreygirl? lol!
Lol... it's bizarre isn't it how different we feel already. One of my big milestones will be to get my claddagh ring back on. I've been wearing it since I was 18 and had to have it cut off this summer :( Last time I remember being able to slide it on and off easily was over 2 years ago.

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