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70lbs challenge

Hello, I'm new to all this, and after reading your journeys on here I am feeling very inspired. My name is Steph, I'm 23, married to a very lovely man and have struggled with weight loss for about 5 years and have consequently found myself 5 stone overweight and miserable!

I have tried (and failed) at many diets in the past, making excuses for why I need to have chocolate or crisps. It's time for me to do something about it and take control over something that has controlled me for so long!

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Hi Steph :)
Nice to meet you! I'm Lucy, I'm also 23 and I've been at Slimming World for a few months now (in this latest attempt!).

Good luck with you're weight loss, and if you want any food suggestions give me a shout, I've collected a fair few recipes!

Hi lucy, thanks! It's a bit scary when I write down just how much I need to lose but must start somewhere! Looking forward to getting stuck into the cooking. Must admit the food on this diet seems far more exciting than the usual boring stuff! So hopefully this time next year I'll be skinny AND I will be a great cook! Lol.

How have you found the diet so far?
It's been great!
As I say, I've been to Slimming World before but since Christmas I've really got into it and focused. Since the beginning of January I've lost 13.5 lbs so just another 0.5lbs to go till my 1st stone award!
Aw yeah I found it really daunting when I thought how far I had to go but like you say, gotta start somewhere!

The plan itself is fab, there is a low syn/syn free alternative to nearly everything! (Made myself a syn-free pizza today and it was yummyyy) and I am currently putting some low-syn jelly sweets in the fridge to set (only 1.5 syns for the whole lot of them!) I will let you know how they go.

:-O they sound amazing! Enjoy!

I made the chilli tonight. Was really nice. Going to do the big food shop tomorrow so trying to get inspiration for meals for the week. So much to choose from!


Pea on legs!
Good luck Steffi! I had over 6 stone to lose when I started - I find it's easier to concentrate on half a stone at a time, and celebrate getting to those milestones (and also into the next stone bracket down, or next clothes size down etc). SW really is fab and best of all, if you really want that chocolate, or those crisps, you can plan to have them! :D
Thanks spanx, just read some of your diary, you're doing so well!

If I ever feel myself falling off the wagon I'm sure this site will keep me motivated! Off to sleep now to dream 'skinny' dreams lol :)
Nothing ever goes to plan when you want it to! Due to staff letting me down I now find myself stuck at work alone with no food! Hoping hubby will drop me some healthy goodies in soon! Surrounded by lindt chocolate isn't good when you're hungry! :-(
Hi Steff, I would say that slimming world is more eating healthier than a diet, like spanxs said if you still want crisps and choc you can, but i'd resist to start with :)

Hi nay, thanks. :) I know it's going to take a while for me to get my head around. Just worked out that if I lose 2lbs a week I can reach target by November this year. It seems so do-able I can't believe I've not done anything about it before! Downloaded my couch to 5k app as I've heard it's great to get into running with. (waiting until it's a bit darker out though, me running isn't something that should be seen in daylight! Hehe)
Very long day today but pleased with myself for not giving in to temptation and reaching for junk to see me through! Every time I crave rubbish I just picture how I'm going to look this time next year and grab some fruit instead. My husband is half heartedly doing the diet, which is good in one respect, as he never used to eat fruit or veg so he is making an effort to try new things.. However I think he may be scoffing god only knows while I'm not around! We shall see on weigh in day. :)
Hey Steffi, Hope its all going well!
I've been making some of my SW meals for my housemate and my boyfriend and they have enjoyed even though they can eat what they want really (they are both those who can eat and eat and have no repercussions-grr! very annoying haha)

Had my weigh-in tonight, got my first stone award so over the moon!

Hope all is going well for you! :D xxx

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