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777 WEEK - Bring it on!!!

Hi all,

777 week is:
7 speed foods a day
7 syns a day
for 7 days

I've personally be struggling to keep focused so I am doing a 777 week in the hope that it will give me motivation and extra weigh loss inspiration.

Here are the speedy foods off my shopping list:
tinned tomatoes
mixed beans

Todays menu:

Breakfast - Porridge (hexB) & 180ml milk (hexA and rest for tea's)

Snacks - Mug Shot, Hot chocolate (2Syns)

Lunch - Jacket potatoe, Tuna, Lettuce & Onion

Snacks - Shortbread buscuit (5Syns)

Tea - SW Curry, Chicken, Onions, Cauliflower, Tinned Tomatoes

All washed down with lots of tea, green tea and water.

Please feel free to leave your comments or even join me in my quest for a 100% 777 week :)

Happy Slimming :)

Malibu XX
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I thought it was:
7 Speed foods
7 Syns
7 glasses of water

Anyway, good luck! xx
You're welcome hun. Looks like you'll do great with all of your tea, green tea and water anyway :D

You've planned really well, let us know how you get on. I have weigh in tonight after a particularly naughty week so I think next week I'll either try success express or a 777 week xx
Is this a new thing? Not heard this before :)
I don't think it's an 'official' plan, it's just something members came up with. Our consultant has never ever mentioned it, but a friend of mine who used to attend my class told me about it. Basically it just incorporates the things that help boost weight loss, ie. Speed foods, Water, Average number of Syns, etc. xx
Hi vixP please come back and let me know hoe you get on :)

Susy a mug shot is like a cup-a-soup but with pasta or noodles in, much more filling. If I remember correctly all the ones with under 2% fat on the packet are free on EE and possibly Green (not quite sure). Anyone who knows for sure please feel free to confirm or correct me.

Malibu xx
7 syns a day? I need 7 syns alone for my Mars ice cream! Sounds like a good, basic plan though.
Yey Malibu!! U started a thread!! :patontheback:

I think I might join you next week! Off to my in laws at the weekend and sticking to SW at all will be a challenge!!!

Good luck to u and vixp! Can't wait to see ur success stories! X
How're you getting on Malibu? :) xx
Yea I managed to start a thread Sofartogo haha took all my brain power too lol, would have done it ages ago if I knew all it took as pressing the new thread button, I amaze myself some times lol :)

Everyone is welcome so please do join next week, if all goes well this week I plan on doing another week.

I was 100% yesterday!!! woop!!! I got home from work and was absoloutly starved and all i wanted was a quick butty but I refrained and made myself some syn free savory rice. I didnt have tea til gone 9 as I was at the gym but we has SW curry and I was quite conserned as it didnt look anything like it does in the book and it wasn't smelling to fab either, think I over did it with the cloves lol but it tasted really good and I've brought the left overs to work for my lunch :)

Malibu xx

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