1. Hiya,

    Is anyone else doing 790 plan? I'm in day 5 and although i was feeling fab this morning, I'm feeling a it light headed and was hungry when I got home from work. Feel fine now since I've had my last soup. We're following the plan to the letter weighing everything out. We did have dome zero coke last night though. I know you shouldn't drink too much of it but should we give it a miss altogether?

    Any tips or advice appreciated.

    Tiara x
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  3. jazzy

    jazzy Regular Member

    Hi Tiara

    I'm not currently doing the 790 plan but I have done it for a large part of my CD journey. It could possibly be the Coke Zero which has made you feel the way you have today. I know that some people are really sensitive and the slightest extra can take them out of ketosis. It may be worth giving it a miss for a while and see if it makes any difference to how you are feeling.

    Well done for reaching day 5.

    Jazzy x
  4. Hi Jazzy, Thanks for that. I was out visiting friends while you replied and had more coke!! OOPS! I was quite good though. We were invited for a meal but we said we'd just come for a drink instead. So only had 2 small glasses of coke.

    Anyway, Jazzy I can't believe how well you've done!!! You really are a true inspiration. I have 9 maybe 10 stone to lose and at times it seems like such an impossible task. You've proved it can be done though. Do you mind me asking how long it has taken you?
  5. jazzy

    jazzy Regular Member

    Hi Tiara

    I started on March 17th so 10 months so far. Sounds like a long time but it has just flown by. I can finally see an end in sight which is both scary and exciting at the same time. It was really really daunting when I first started to think about the amount of time I would have to do CD so I just took it week by week. It does get easier. In fact, it's harder now because everyone is so complimentary and say things like "your not still doing it are you? You don't need to lose any more". Willpower is being tested big time!!!!!!

    You'll do fab Tiara and will be so pleased you started this amazing journey, it really does change your life. Good luck to both you and your hubby.

    Jazzy x
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