790 ideas

Hi, :)

I thought the same as you and worried that the weight would slow down. This is still a low calorie program and i was still losing the same amount as i was on sole source.
I haven't got any exciting reciepes as i kept having the same most days which was cottage cheese and chicken with veg. That was my favourite.

Nick :D
I have just done four weeks on CD 790 (get weighed this evening). Lost 18lbs in the first three weeks, really hoping for another 3lbs tonight to make a stone and a half. I have the same dinner every night, a chicken breast and a bit of veg followed by a bit of the water flavouring in fizzy water (I like a 'fruit' flavoured finish to meal). I have a muffin (though wouldn 't call it that!) for breakfast, a soup sachet for lunch, and have the third sachet (chocolate) made into a 'chocolate bar) with a cup of fresh decaff coffee in the evening or sometimes a frozen choc tetra.
It is pretty boring but helps take 'food out of the equation' as everyone says, and I would never be able to SS.
I tried the alternatives for the one meal, but I don't like tuna without mayo, hate white fish and quorn and cottage cheese, tried chickpeas but they didn't 'agree' with my digestion and the other alternative suggestions (CDC Linda mentioned these the other week) didn't work for me. I cook dinner for the family and that just about uses up my creativity - by the time I've done that I don't feel like getting clever with the Cambridge stuff!
I am trying to think of the whole thing as a form of 'medicine' although I do like the chocolate flavoured things, and look forward to them!
I have had the fresh tuna and that's really nice. Also, 190g is an awful lot, I got a Sainsburys Taste the Difference pack of 2 steaks and that was only 175 without the packaging. I had one steak for lunch and one for dinner. You can either grill them quickly or wrap them in foil and put them in the oven, as with chicken or turkey, if you do that and put a few asparagus spears in the foil too, it cooks them as well and the food is very moist.

I think 790 is brilliant and it doesn't seem to slow anyone's weight loss. Good luck xx