790 plan?


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Hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. My husband started the SS yesterday but is having a really hard time at work and not sure if its right for him, now someone mentioned that cambridge do other plans like 790 and 1000 and i just wondered if anyone knew anything about these and if they worked. I am thinking that maybe this is the way to go for him what do you think? He has never dieted in his life and just eats loads of junk normally and ithink this has been too much of a schock to the system so mybe he needs to ease in gradually.

Look forward to your replies, thank you

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Hi there

It's a shock for EVERYONE when they first start because it is such a drastic diet. However after the first few days he'll be feeling on top of the world and the GREAT thing for him to focus on is that men lose on average 1.5 stones a month!!!! Tell him to stick with it....