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7th weigh in, gutted, HELP

:wave_cry:Hi everyone, has anyone experienced this before?
I have had NO weight loss!!!!! NO WEIGHT LOSS!!!!! I cant believe it, I am so gutted and disheartend.
So far Ive had a decent weight loss - 5lb - 4lb - 4lb - 4lb - 6lb - 5lb and this week 0!!!!!!.
I ve not cheated what so ever the only thing different is that I ve not done as much excersise but I ve been tired this week so thought I'd better not push myself on this diet.
As this happened to anyone else? I am so upset!! I could understand if I'd eaten anything but I ve not!!
HELP PLEASE!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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One last chance
Well, I've had weight losses that ranged from 3-5lbs and all of a sudden, I'm now getting 2lbs and I even had 1lb loss ehich I was disgusted with. My little sis stayed the same too last week.

I'm very sure it's nothing to worry about, just carry on as normal and see what happens on your next weigh in.

Also, measure yourself. You may of lost in fat and not weight which is, if not, even better! :). That's what happened with my sis. Don't worry ok? LT guarantees it's weightloss, and you are no exception.


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Lots of things could have affected your weight loss. Is it your totm ? Did you drink a lot of water this week ? Did you have a lot to drink before your weigh in. Are you constipated ?

Hang on in there - I bet you have a big weight loss next week ?


Here we go again!
As Cruiks said, a lot of factors could have caused no weight loss. Don't get disheartened though, keep going, up the water and next week you will probably have a great weight loss. Good luck and keep up the good work!
did u change teh time of day for ur weigh in or d amount u drank b4 going in? totm definatly makes big diff!! nxt week will be much better just stick with it n see!!xx dont feel down just give it anodr week before aming any drastic decisions!xx
Well I've had TWO TOTM's in 3 weeks!!!!! See my star weeks below! Dont give up now, darling, I know you must be feeling gutted, but hopefully next week will show a huge loss.


One last chance
Well I've had TWO TOTM's in 3 weeks!!!!! See my star weeks below! Dont give up now, darling, I know you must be feeling gutted, but hopefully next week will show a huge loss.
At least you get your TOTM lol!!!

I haven't had mine in 2 months.


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No other suggestions to what has already been suggested, but stick with it hun, I know you must be totally disappointed, but things could turn right around for next week.

Big hugs, hopefully you will have a good loss next week.


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Awww hun! I am gutted for you! I know it must be like a kick in the teeth! But if you look at ad1987 signature.....she lost 2lbs in week 1 and 10lbs in week 2! That just shows that our bodies have a mind of their own sometimes....but things balance out.

I'll put money on it that you have a big loss next week! So just put it to one side for now....keep going and see how it goes at next weigh in. Don't let it beat you hun! Hang in there.

thanks so much everyone!!! its not TOTM or anything so cant really understand it, I expected maybe loosing 1 or 2lb one week but not 0!!! I'll keep going though and hope for a big loss next week!! I really want and need to loose this last stone (would love to loose more but thats unrealistic before my hols) cheers everyone you are all fantastic!!!!xxxxxx
Don't worry too much, it will show next week. Sure I put on weight one week on LT!! Was only .5lb but I couldn't understand it, sure enough the following week I lost 4 or 5lbs. Chin up, keep going xx


maintaining since June'09
I can understand you must be devastated but don't let it put you off. As everyone's said it's bound to even out along the way - I'm really looking forward to seeing how you get on next week! x

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