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8 days on Lipotrim and no change.

I've been on the lipotrim diet for a week and I'm finding it ok so far, I've never got hungry (cravings, yes, but not hunger) I'm drinking black coffee and enough water. I actually enjoy the shakes I think they are delicious, but one week nada has changed and it's very disheartening. I'm not giving up on it anytime soon (just about to restock) but if something doesn't happen soon I'm worried it's just never going to work. I've got no signs of Ketosis at all (slightly smelly breath, but it comes and goes) my cousin lost a stone in his first week. An entire effin stone. Whilst I've lost a grand total of zero pounds. I'm doing everything to the letter and not cheating as I'm finding this pretty easy going.

Someone make my body lose weight. I've seen another dude who posted who is in a similar position to me but I've not seen any change in my body shape. Nothing has changed. I'm a 20 year old male 5"8 and just under 14 stones. Trying to get to about 10 stones. I want to finish refeed by the 24th June. Also does anybody know how long I should be in refeed?

Brilliant forum by the way.
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I'm in ignoramous about lipotrim, but I am the same height and I have the same goal weight as yourself. I hope somebody can answer your questions, but I'm just here to encourage you to keep it up! I know that for some diets (and depending on the person) it can take 2+ weeks for the weight to start coming off.

Have you been exercising? For me, that tends to really kickstart weightloss...
Just keep going and see what happens, odds are you will have lost when you weigh in at the Pharmacy. I was one of those lucky ones who lost exactly 14lbs in the first week (although my weigh in was actually day 9). Even though the scales said I had lost a stone, I didn't feel any different or look any different. Then in the course of a weekend, it just disappeared, my face looked thinner, my stomach was thinner and the loss became obvious. Our bodies work in perculiar ways, and with you being 100% TFR, the weight simply has to come off you. I did SW a few years ago and if I hadn't lost anything my missus used to say, don't worry it will be in the bank for next week, sure enough the loss would be obvious the week after.

So chin up, press on and you never know, even if its not apparent at the pharmacy scales, I bet it will be next week!


hiya! stay at it.... as said before you will notice the difference in inches... im shrinking by the day honestly... its unbelievable.....the thing i love about this diet is... it HAS to work... and it will so sit tight and watch those pounds melt away... and you're one of the lucky ones who enjoys the shakes and has no hunger... winner... you're home and dry already!

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Hiya Hyper! You poor sod! Disheartened must be an understatement. I've never heard of anyone not losing in the first week which makes you very special! I really admire your determination in sticking with it and I'm convinced you will have a huge loss next week. You certainly deserve it!
Hey dudes - Thanks for the words of encouragement.

@MissFortismo. Exercise sounds good, I've been doing sit-ups. Started off with 20 and increasing it by 5 a day but do you mean Cardio or muscular exercise.

@Petemar: Thank god, this weight better come off lol it hasn't become apparent to me yet, my pharmacy doesn't really involve itself in the weight loss. It's a bag over the counter and away you go. I'll weigh myself on day 14. I hope for some major poundage shed!

@Leluna: Thanks very much! Glad it's working for you and I hope, even in eventually, it works as well for me too.

@special is one way to look at it lol! but thank you I'll just keep doing it until it comes off. It's not too difficult for me. All I do is study and have these shakes. It's actually very convenient for saving time! I'll weigh myself weekly instead of daily maybe I'll be more impressed.

I'm a bit suspicious how ok I'm feeling. I've read other people get headaches and feeling faint and stuff.

God I miss food.

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