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8 stone to lose!! Atkins??

So here I am on the diet roundabout again! I was 21 stone got down to just under 13 stone but now I'm back up to 18 stone! And after a few years of crazy dieting and going down and up between 16 and 14 stone my body just won't give in and let the fat move!

I'm doing so much exercise everyday and burning a minimum of 2000 kcals a day and my weight hasn't moved abit!! So frustrating! My friend recommended the Atkins diet! I tried it a few months back and remember losing weight!

Anyone else tried or on Atkins????
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Thanks! Its crazy to think I've lost more weight from stopping exercise and doing a vlcd than doing hours of exercise eating a sensible diet!

Which is why I know that vlcd work now! I've tried it the 'normal' sensible or whatever way you call it and it doesn't work... Well for me anyways!
I know what you mean. For some people, like me, we need to see a loss nearly every week to keep motivated. Too many sts for me on a conventional plan. The only problem is on a vlcd it doesn't actually train me to make good choices - so I know when I get to goal I will have to work on that for quite a while. I think I will keep the vlcd in the back of my mind even then, so if something goes wrong I can have a relatively quick fix. What I don't want to do ever again is get to this point, where even on a vlcd I have months of self-denial ahead of me. I can do this, I will do this; and once I do I will never have to do it again!
I'm the same, can't get motivated without the weekly weigh in, it really does help keep me going!

I done Atkins before doing the VLCD but never seemed to lose much on it, plus I'm not really much of a meat eater so I did struggle quite abit. But it did help me before I started the VLCD because it helped me cut down on the carbs so I didn't get hungry.

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