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*~8 Week Challenge~*

Hey all! I've decided im going to do an 8 week challenge (as it would be around my birthday!) and with today being my weigh in I though I might as well start today!

So far in 6 weeks i've lost 15lbs, so working out at an average of 2.5lb a week. I'm going to up my game (more exercise :whacky068:, no alcohol :nono:etc) and aim for 3.5lb loss each week average so a grand loss of 2 stone by 29th of June.

Feel free to join me if you would like, I will be posting my results on this thread! :)

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I might join u, need the motivation!!
I seem to be doing everything right but not losing at all!!
Im currently 12.5 where i started 3 weeks ago.. i did lose 3 lbs then put them back on around TOM and seems to have stayed on!. At the gym 3 times a week aswell and this is week 3 for gym too!

Good luck to us!
Thats strange?! especially if you are sticking to it! could it not be that you are gaining muscle at the gym and its just conter-balancing the fat you are losing?

I used to go to the gym about a year ago but it showed no results, but i think it may have had something to do with being on a low carb diet as apposed to calorie controlled!

Better than gaining though :)

Good luck!


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This ALWAYS happens with me.. i go on a new diet.. i dont lose for AGES then suddenly i have a A loss then nothing for ages.. then i change diet. Lolz The good thing is im not gaining more than 2lbs back (and only those if i have an off day!) And i feel fitter and my clothes are looser at the same weight! funnily enough tho i dont seem to be losing inches from the obvious places either!! STRANGE body.
Well after missing weigh in yesterday, did it today instead... and fail!
gained 3lb :(

didnt even do as much excercise as i would normally and had a takeaway which i dont normally have!

Oh well better start trying harder!
oh i weighed myself again today hoping my 30mins on the cross trainer would help... and i've lost 4lbs!

also with it being totm i think thats got something to do with it! so going to get on the x trainer most nights now and see what happens next week :D

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