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8lbs in one night!!!!


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Got on the scales this morning hopeing for a little loss and what did i get an 8lbs gain all i ate diffferently yesterday was i had a ting bit of french stick and a glass of wine, My mum reckons the batterys need a change but if that is a correct amount I just wanna cry.:cry:
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please dont panic hun. if u think about it...theres no way that a bit of bread and a glass of wine weigh that much. drink some water and flush it out...it'll just be water gain, unless ur scales are messing up. i do have to say tho, wine is SUCH a bad thing to be drinking as its so so heavy with sugar. keep sipping and u will be fine in a couple of days. xxxxx
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Are you calorie counting or on a VLCD? If you're on a VLCD then you may have regained a bit of glycogen because of the sugars but it won't be fat.
Think carefully about the maths ... 1lb of fat = 3500cals so 8lb of fat = 28000 cals!! There's no way some bread and wine has THAT many cals!

It could be your scales playing up - it could be water retention ... but it won't be 8lb of fat. besides, it takes about 48 hours to metabolise what you eat so it certainly wouldn't show up as fat the next day.

Stay calm, get back on track ... no major damage will have been done.


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At the moment I am calorie counting to about 1000 a day so far i have lost 10lbs in two weeks, just feel really bad that i gave in, really wanted to lose another 11lbs in four weeks before i go away. Am definitly gonna stay clear of all carbs now.


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It sounds like a scales problem to me Gdollery. Please don't cut out carbs completely else the regain will be SO drastic once you're on holiday (check out my ticker and see how much I gain in two weeks once I start!). I'm intentionally including white carbs every other day at the moment, as well as my normal tonne of fruit and veg, else the first slice of bread breaks my heart on the scales!

So drink LOADS of water today and buy a replacement battery and I'm sure tomorrow morning will be better... :)


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Mystery solved new batterys were put in this morning and I have lost 0.5lbs, feel pretty stupid now at my over reaction this morning:rolleyes:

Got in from work and felt absolulty rubbish so went to bed for a bit woke up at half nine starving, realised all i had had today was a banana and a tin of ww soup so have just had a large salad with loads of chicken, and added some cheese and coleslaw for a few extra calories.

Am gonna take your advice about carbs Maintainer, i eat alot of fruit anyway but tonight I had a slice of bread so my body doesn't go into carb shock when i go away.

I know its a bit late to eating now but i thought if i left it as the banan and soup that would be a little OTT.

Roll on Friday its my birthday, no idea what I am gonna do yet but i'm sure something will come up.


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Good News!!!:party0019:

Happy dance

Well done on your half pound off!!!


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S: 141kg C: 49.9kg G: 36.3kg BMI: 17.7 Loss: 91.1kg(64.62%)
Phew what a relief!! Very happy for you and can TOTALLY relate to how a bad weigh in can affect your mood for the entire day...
I just want to say that you can put on 5 lbs in a day by water... but it isn't with you ALL day. Like if you weighed yourself in the morning and then at night it is unlikely to be the same. So don't panic, just weigh yourself at the same time.

I know that is not the case here, but I wanted to put my tuppance in.

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