9.7 size 12 but still big thighs/hips : (

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  1. linzi_lou

    linzi_lou Full Member

    hi, just feeling a little miffed at the mo, i dropped a dress size at christmas to a 12 and have lost a further stone since january, (its slow going, but has sped up since i dropped to 18 points a day, touch wood lol)
    anyway i am now a size 12 which is what i wanted to get to (was a 14) i am 9 stone 7.4 pound (after weighing in today) my target weight is 9.7 and then 9 stone and see how i feel(so far have lost 3 stone all together slowley over a couple years-stopping and starting), but now im at where i am i still have big thighs and hips and bum : ( i am only 5ft 2 1/2 though so maybe this is why, i just wonder will my lower half ever shrink? lol i know it must have a little as ive dropped a dress size but they are still big, oh well ill just keep at it and see how i go, it must come from these places at some point musnt it?
    is it possible to be 9 stone and still have big thunder thighs, i know some people around same height and weight as me and they havnt got big thighs/hips and they look slim.
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  3. I wish I liked salad

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    I'm similar size to you although I've put half a stone on at the mo, grr! I think i'll always hate my belly and thighs no matter how light i was but feel better about them when I've been exercising, do you do any?
  4. Starlight

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    I bet you dont have 'thunder thighs' at all

    I dont think any of us see ourselves as we truly are. At 9.5 stones youre not at all overweight... bet you look great :)
  5. linzi_lou

    linzi_lou Full Member

    hi, yeah i do exercise i try to do at least 3 times a week at the gym spending about an hour on cardio, sometimes do weights but rrley i feel i need to lose the flab first! lol butn its hard sometimes with uni and placement to find the time, i sometimes dont make it 3 times a week sometimes only once others time 4 times a week, i just depends although to day is the first time i have been in 2 weeksbut i have been having ok weight losses the past 2 weeks i lost 2 pound each week (since i dropped to 18 points a day)
    i am just looking through the site and have come acrioss this chart that someone has posted on the cambridge forum Photographic Height (hope this is ok to post)
    its a achart with pictures of people at different weights and heights-intresting
  6. Marie_D

    Marie_D Gold Member

    I'm sure you don't look as though you have thunder thighs at all - a size 12 is a size 12, which can't possibly mean you have thunder thighs...honestly...sometimes these things are just set in our minds and we never quite shake them off. Just think about what you're saying....a size 12....a size 12.....how fantastic is that!!? If you had 'thunder thighs' then you wouldn't be able to get them into a size would you, heehee

    Sooner or later your mind will catch up with your body and you'll realise - you look fantastic. Until then, just keep reminding yourself.....you're a SIZE 12!! Woo hooo! ;)
  7. I wish I liked salad

    I wish I liked salad Member

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    That site is really interesting! I def want to shift my extra half stone now. Do you know how to work out extra points for doing exercise on weightwatchers? I've lost my dial thingy!
  8. SiobhanVon

    SiobhanVon Silver Member

    Wow, that photographic chart is class!!! It's amazing how I see myself as huge but the other people at my height and weight look grand!!!:rolleyes:
  9. Wobble Wonder

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    Here's your sister linzi lou!!!
    I'm down to a size 12 now but still have huge thighs and ass!!
    (Am size 8 - 10 on top..?)

    But sure listen, all women are diff shapes.. I reckon this is just our shape!! We're king pins / pears - we've got good birthing hips! lol!!

    Am going to start really working on them though and try shift the inches off them rather than the pounds, God know's how long that will take..

  10. linzi_lou

    linzi_lou Full Member

    your right Marie D i am a size 12 and its great! that was my main goal and ive got there, just need to get to my weight goal now and will hopefully lose the inches too. i wish i liked salad sorry im not sure how you work out exercise points i dont normally use the points, although sometimes allow slight leway as i know i have been to the gym. i do have a book with the execise points in though, i could have a look for you if you want.
    wobble wonder i am about a size 10-12 on top at the mo and a deffinate pear!
  11. LoveIt

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    To make you feel better girls - I have a friend who is an apple - skinny little legs and hips but the biggest belly and boobs ever! There are worst shapes to be than pears!!
    I'm bulging out of my size 12's - what I'd give to be a 10-12!

    Well done... I'm sure you're gorgeous you just have to see yourself like it! :) xx
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