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9 stone off by Christmas challenge anyone?


Serial newbie here. I've been on these boards many times before. Stayed and lost weight through various diets, strayed, fallen off the wagon and skulked around under the radar for a while. I've also been offered and have refused weight loss surgery (I decided that it will only rearrange my organs but won't fix my head but no disrespect to anyone else that has chosen this method).

Anyway, I have decided to come back and give it my all. I've decided it's going to be different this time (I know you've all heard it before) but this time I am going to be accountable and honest. I've also decided to set myself concrete goals, rather than wishy-washy ones that allow me to stray. I'm not getting any younger and my gall bladder is already giving me jip. I'm fed up of aching joints, sleep apnoea and everything being such an effort. I'm fed up of being the fattest person in the room and of feeling rubbish about my weight. I want to live long and happy life, to get married and settle down and it does not seem like a possibility at the moment. I know that I could meet someone online if I wanted to on some BBW website but they say 'you can't love anyone until you love yourself' and I'm not feeling it at this weight.

I started Cambrdge initially at 29 stone 10 lbs, lost weight, dabbled over Christmas, regained some, started the diet again and at the moment i'm 27 stone 5 lbs. I'm doing the Cambridge diet/with some slim and save evening meal packs with fresh veg also into the mix. Having around 800 calories a day so it's still a very low calorie diet. It helps me to know I have a meal in the evening that I can chew, rather than another shake. I should lose around 1 stone a month or more if I stick to it. So am aiming to be 18 stone 5 by the end of the year. I will have gone from a size 32 to around a size 22. I should also have knocked off at east 10 points off my BMI. My sleep apnoea should be gone, my joints will thank me, as will my wardrobe which has seen far too much black over the years. I plan on reviewing my dieting options again when i've reached this goal and either sticking with what will have hopefully worked or by doing a different Cambridge step.

I'm not loking for a pity-party but I don't seem to have a great deal of support in this diet My family have seen me doing food replacement diets and fail before so don't hold out mch hope. Friends don't seem to get it and don't really need to lose weight. I am the fattest person on my weight consultant's books. So, although I am motivated, I am looking for some positivity and hope. I am hoping to find and also give back support to anyone facing the daunting prospect of having to lose a ****-load of weight.

So, it's nice to meet you all and here goes nothing/everything (again).
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Incidentally 9 stone is a whole Beyonce Knowles. Jeeze!


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Hi Ellie

I'm fairly new to this section of Minis too, so welcome - and can I just say, what a fabulous post! :)

It all completely echoed how I've been feeling for years (in fact, probably everyone here on this forum), and I'm so delighted that you're posting here - because it's a great bunch of people here, really supportive and completely understanding of what we are each going through :)

You are going to crack this, hun, I know it - and I'd love to join the Christmas weight loss challenge! :D Onwards and downwards!



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You can do it! You sound so motivated :)
I doubt I could loose 9st by Christmas, I would be ecstatic with 5 so that's my goal. That would make me about 15st.
Good luck everyone!!!!
Thanks guys! Glad there is lots of positivity here. I'm gonna take it a stone at a time-get in the stone, get down the stone, get out the stone and repeat! Let the Christmas challenge begin!
Hi all, I tried to start back on the 29th March, as usual I didn't make it, to be honest starting on Easter weekend was just asking for trouble so I am vowing to start today THIS IS IT!! My knees, feet and back hurt and I don't want to have a heart attack - I am too young for this and its an unnecessary waste of life! I don't want to leave my children without a Mummy.

So 5 April 2013, a new day and a new life.

I weighed myself this morning 25.9 stone - I would like to/ AM going to lose 16.9 stone.


Good luck.

P.s. Fat2ThinGirl thanks for the like to Emma Sealeys story - amazing and inspirational :)
Good luck, Ellie! Your story sounds very similar to mine in many ways, and I'm sure a lot of others' on here. :) I started out at 21.5 stone, BMI around 46, and am currently at 13.5 stone, BMI c. 28, and it's made a big difference to my life and health so I can definitely recommend it! You'll get good support on this part of the forum, so I'd definitely keep coming on and posting. All the best. :) xx
Wow! Well done Tracy-that's fantastic! I'm looking forward to feeling better and dressing better! x
Fat2ThinGirl said:
Wow! Well done Tracy-that's fantastic! I'm looking forward to feeling better and dressing better! x
Aww, thank you hon - just wanted to let you know it can definitely be done! I've done it quite slowly, via calorie counting, but I know you can do it much quicker on a VLCD. Don't think I could ever do food replacement though, lol. I've kept a pair of size 30 trousers that I bought for a wedding 2 years ago, and try them on whenever I'm feeling a bit flabby - that works wonders, as I'm a 16 in trousers now, so I can definitely recommend keeping some "before" clothes! I'm looking foward to following your progress on here. :) xx
9 stone for Christmas is a fantastic goal. I want to lose just over 4 stone by that time - it's a long road but we can do it! I'm moving from a vlcd to SW in a couple of weeks so probably my losses will be slow but I should manage it by then if I don't have too many hiccups :)


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hi tracey wow thankyou im going to fish my old jeans out just put them all in black bags i let all my size 30 clothes go but will get a pair off size 28s out for me to drag out and think no your not going back xx

Hi Ellie wow good luck hun and will follow you and support you on your journey i would love to make a big dent in my weight by christmas like miss smiley i will try for 4 stone so girls im here to join you xx

good luck everyone xx


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Hi all, good luck with the losses. I need to lose a further 10 stones, not gonna get there before Xmas I doubt but 4-5 would be the minimum :) xx
I am gonna join u by adding a 7 stone by xmas goal!! I am on facebook if anyone wants to add me so we can motivate each other :)
Evening. I could have written most of what you Said. I'm hoping to make a dent in the weight by my 30th next year so I'm aiming fur 5st off by Xmas :)

Good luck all xox
I trying it out for a few days until i start at group 2moro, going to buy some scales today!!
Ooo sorry i ment food scales, i dont have any at the moment, as i broke my last ones
Yeh i want some but they so expensive to get some decent ones


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