Step2 810kcal 9 stone off so far!!

Discussion in 'CD Inspirational Photos' started by lynseys, 19 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. lynseys

    lynseys Full Member

    Started at the end of April last year, so been doing step 2 for nearly 9 months now and I've lost just under 9 and a half stone so far!! Still have another 2 stone to go but been desperate to put a before and after pic on here lol!xx

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  3. Clairioushilarious

    Clairioushilarious Full Member

    Looking amazing! Well done you!
  4. amanda1978

    amanda1978 Full Member

    You look absolutely fabulous!! Well done you xx
  5. slimmershelly

    slimmershelly Full Member

    This lady is super fab! You've done amazing Lynsey I'm so proud of you, your my inspiration right now!!Such a beautiful, sexy lady indeed well done you super star :) xXx
  6. sarah-louise x

    sarah-louise x Silver Member

    wow!! well done to you, that is amazing and such an inspiration!! Youre looking fabulous!! x
  7. Soniya

    Soniya Full Member

    Omg, you look amazing. Thank you so so so much for sharing and good luck xx
  8. LadySylvanas

    LadySylvanas Full Member

    Wow that's a great loss and you look fab! x
  9. Jom

    Jom Member

    Wow! 9 stone!!! You look amazing! Well done! X
  10. Dreamofsuccess

    Dreamofsuccess Full Member

    Wow you look amazing. What an inspiration you are.x
  11. lynseys

    lynseys Full Member

    Ah thanks guys!! Still got a bit to go though. Determined to go to Cambridge convention later in year lol!x
  12. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    You look wonderful! Well done! You must feel so much better too. Nine stone is amazing.
  13. beckyk

    beckyk Member

    Wow Lynseys!! What a transformation! You are an thinspiration to us all :)
  14. Wow, you look so different! Definitely inspirational! I'm hopefully starting CD soon. Good luck x
  15. lynseys

    lynseys Full Member

    Out of all the diets I've tried (literally all of them) this is the one that's done the job!! Think for me it's been the money we spend a week! There was no way I was paying £45 a week to lose a pound! As long as my will power stays around, I find it quite straight forward and easy to stick to (up until now anyway lol!) Good luck xx
  16. MrsD13

    MrsD13 Full Member

    You look amazing! I bet you feel amazing too?! Well done :) I'm just finishing week 2 and want to lose 3-4st xx

    Nothing tastes as good as slim feels :)
  17. You look like a different person!! I struggled to tell which one was you in the after photo!
  18. Big Mick

    Big Mick Full Member

    Wow how good do you look?
  19. lynseys

    lynseys Full Member

    Thanks very much!! I can see you have lost a lot of weight too... Have you got to goal yet? My sister lives in Sydney too lol! :)
  20. Big Mick

    Big Mick Full Member

    No I got down to 96kg in September, only started back last week, this time I am determined to get to goal, and work my way up through the steps. Where abouts in Sydney ?
  21. lynseys

    lynseys Full Member

    That's great that you're back on it! How much have you lost so far then from when you first started? I've got 4lbs to go to get to 10 stone off! Still need to lose another stone and a half to get to goal, which will be me at 10.5 stone. She lives in Sutherland, NSW. :)

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