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9lbs off!!!!!!! yet still not happy

WI today and 9lbs off.
I'm pleased, but not overjoyed. I had hoped it would be more. How selfish is that.

Did anyone else feel a bit deflated, I've not weighed myself this week on purpose so I didn't get too excited or deflated.

Managed to survive even though it's totm. Can't tell wether it is just this thats making me feel low.

Or am I just being pathetic(probably)


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Yes, you are being pathetic. 9lb!!! and TOTM!!!! are you mental? that's bloody fantastic! pick yourself and be bloody proud, you've done amazing! it is probably cos its TOTM that you feel like this hun, but you really have done so well xxx


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9lb is a great loss well done totm can affect weight loss but you are doing great x


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I'm sorry hun, but I cannot feel sorry for you. 9lbs is FANTASTIC especially if its the totm, as you'll be storing water. If you did WW or SL you'd be lucky to lose that in a month!!

Chin up and stick with it.
Thanks you everyone, you made me laugh!!!!!


I will do this!!!
How can you be disappointed with 9lbs!!!! i dont understand some people. Iv spent years trying to lose weight and when i lost as little as 1.5lbs i was so happy because it was a LOSS!


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are you serious?? I was looking for the ass kicking smily but couldn't find it.

so here 'ass kick' from me ;)

9 lbs is more than i have ever ever ever lost in a week, and before LT a month!

here's another 'ass kick'

keep it up.


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I understand, I felt a little deflated then I thought, hey! it's better than putting on or just continuing in my self-loathing mysery of not even trying to do something about it, and that makes a difference, we are doing Something!

Well done!!

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That's more than half a stone in one week... go and pick up 9lbs worth of stuff and feel how bloody heavy it is! Then you'll smile x
I know I know, thanks for kick ass. Your right why I don't feel more gratefull I don't know. Just been Honest. I suppose it's cos I've so much to loose I want to feel better quicker.


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
dont fret about it, i had almost the same as you to lose when i started. it falls off so quickly, just keep on keeping on. after your first stone or two you will feel ace :)
9lbs is 9lbs hon !
I lost 9lbs in my first week and now im flying ! have done 3 stone up to two weeks ago and hopefully at least another half by friday for my double whammy WI

It cant work miracles it can only lose weight at a speed thats right for your body but every lb is a lb gone forever so just put up with the little losses and look forward to the large ones :)
That's more than half a stone in one week... go and pick up 9lbs worth of stuff and feel how bloody heavy it is! Then you'll smile x

this really works. I was carrying a bundle of washing upstairs to my dryer the other day, and i struggled a bit with it. so i thought i'd weigh it on my scales out of curiosity and it weighed 13.9lbs! I was like 'whoa i have lost 4 of them!'


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Like everyone else I think your nuts! But hey we all get a bit nutty!

My first time on LT I lost 8lbs in the first week and still lost 2 stone 12lbs in 8 weeks. Now to me there is no other diet that would do that!

But I am a devil for wishing the weeks away so that I can see the bigger picture results! When I come out of the chemist I am delighted and then I get really frustrated thinking about it being a WHOLE week before I weigh in again and get my buzz again!
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wow - i see the title of ur thread and the sad face icon... and i just think wow...

I believe that true happiness comes when you appreciate every single gift that life provides you with. I appreciate everything that happens to me on daily basis, I get excited over the smallest simplest things.

Loosing 9 pounds is a fantastic accomplishment - its the start of an exciting journey that is going to take you to a whole new world and transform your body, health, attractiveness and energy levels. Isnt that exciting????? DO u not get butterflies thinking about the possibilities that lie before you and what life has in store for you???

I am a big believer in the law of attraction - what you think and how you feel on a daily basis - will shape your life - if you can get excited and feel hope and excitement on a daily basis this can only attract good things into your life and the more good things that come the easier it is to be excited and love every minute of every day.

Be careful how you think - because how you think today will effect your tomorrows... if you want a happy positive exciting future - you have to be that person today.

Count your blessings, count them one by one... be amazed at how brilliant life is and excited about every single small thing that you accomplish, feel proud of yourself every night when you go to bed, and every morning wake up ready to take on a new day and move closer to your goals... enjoy the process and celebrate your success!

xx good luck xx
well done 9lbs is brill,i lost 8.5 the first week and my friend lost5.5 on her first week she was really upset (she was totm too)give ur self a big pat on the back.xxxxxx


Always welcome new m8's!
Hey Classy.

I felt exactly the same and no one could understand why! I lost 10lbs but felt it should of been more.
If your weighing yourself at home, stop. Ive been banned as i got my hopes up thinking it was more.
Get rid of your scales if needed!

If not then go to tesco and pick up 5 bags of sugar. Thats nearly what you lost in weight. You will feel better!

Its a great loss hun, be proud!
Yes, I know exactly what you mean.

I wonder if this part of the reason I am big. Cos I get so far into something and start to talk myself back out of it, and whats the first thing I head for FOOD.

I am pleased I made this week through cos its been difficult.
Also my daughter started primary school yesterday, my son is already there, so I wonder if I'm low over that more than I think.

Our minds are very weird, I can't make up whats wrong

Thanks for the advice guys:thankyou:

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