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A big step for me

Hi there to all the people who are going to read this. I am 20 years old now and weight 24 stone. and am very woried about my health. to night i crying about what i was going to do and decided to get out of bed and look for the answers and i found this website looked at the people on here and was amazed. today i start a new life
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It's the final countdown!
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James, welcome!

I found this site just a couple of weeks ago and the help and advice from people on here has already proved invaluable.

Good luck mate and all the very best on your weightloss journey!

Cuppacocoa xx :talk017:


In it to win it.
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Hi James. Welcome! Are you currently following a weightloss program, or have tou decided what you are going to follow?
Hi and welcome. What type of diet do you want to try? Something like weightwatchers or slimming world where you can either go to a class or follow it online or a very low calorie diet like lighterlife or cambridge?

Irene xx
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I wish you the best of luck mate and you're wise to tackle the problem now and not wait for years like I did. I spoke to my GP about losing weight and the health authority have a scheme where the NHS will pay for 3 months at a slimming club (they send you a book of vouchers). I chose Weight Watchers and it's working well for me.

I think schemes like this vary across the country but I would recommend chatting to your GP anyway and see what your options are.
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Hey there James and welcome to the site!!!
Well done in joining this, You have done the right thing and you will get so much help and support on here that you wont feel alone.
I am also new on here, been on here about a week and people are so helpful :)
The first thing you need to do is really research your options diet-wise- whether you will use something like the cambridge diet or whether you go for healthy eating and exercise, maybe joining a club might help encourage you, like weight watchers?
Its hard at first but once you get into a routine it will become easier, trust me!

Good Luck and you know where we are if you need us!!!
Sammy x


Go on smile! =)
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Welcome to the forums James =]


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hey James x
this site is fab!
whatever option you choose,the support you will receive will be invaluable to you.
i know i couldn't have stuck it out this long without everyones advice and support.

good luck whatever you choose x
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Hi James,

Im kinda new, just trying for second time, and this place is a mine of information....People on here are lovely, and will support you.

Let us know how your getting on....
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James - I can sympathise so much with you and everyone here will be glad to support you.......when your weight is an issue you blame everything on it and sometimes this means you end up just raiding the fridge. All I can say is I'm back here again.......and the best advice I can give is to set short term goals (break down your weight loss to say half a stone at a time or 2lbs a week). This doesn't sound much but gradually you will see such a difference without depriving yourself - easy for me to say now ....... but I have managed to lose weight before and am determined to lose it again and keep it off!!
You can do it xxx
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Hi James

Welcome. I echo what has already been said that it is great that you have decided to tackle your weight issue while you are young. Good for you. Very best of luck to you with your journey.


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Hi James
Welcome to the forums, making the decision to lose the weight in the first place is a really big step.
If you are determined enough any diet you try will work for you.

Good luck and keep in touch on the site.

Welcome James

You've done the hardest part - deciding to do something about it.
My advice would be to approach it a step at a time.
Research the different weight loss programmes to find one that suits your needs and character.
I has 12 stone to lose so I thought WW or Slimming World would take forever. I needed something with dramatic and quick results to spur me on, plus some psychology. I had gradually become bigger and bigger over about 25 years.
Lighterlife was the one for me. Ihope you can find something that does the trick for you.
Good luck Sir.
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Hi James,
Welcome and Goodluck with your journey, It's hard but so worth it in the end!
I got to goal a few years ago but piled it all back on when I was pregnant. Time to start that diet again! lol


In it to win it.
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If you are serious about loosing weight, which I can see that you are, then I would recommend a VLCD. Take a look at the Exante, Cambridge, Lighterlife or Lipotrim. You loose around 1 stone a month and replace all of your conventional food with shakes, soups and bars. These are nutritionally complete, and due to ketosis you rarely feel hungry, and the weight melts away. The rapid weightloss means you reach goal quickly and every week you get a boost when you see the scales heading south (or should that be to the left!).

WW or SW are good for a few pounds to loose, but I was down a pound one week, up two the next, down three the next. Was tired with 1lb net loss a month. Switched to a VLCD and lost 1stone a month.

I can't say which is best (depends on the products and your budget) but I would recommend taking a look at the VLCD forums. Good luck and keep us informed of your progress!!! Plus guys always seem to do really well on VLCDs loosing slightly more on average than the ladies according to my counsellor.
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Welcome to the site hun, I only signed up yesterday but it's already offered fantastic support.

Good luck with your weight loss, you can do it :) xx

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