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A bit deflated

Jo B

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So in my group tonight we started to talk about the options after foundation. My LLC was saying that you are not allowed to go into RTM unless your BMI is between 25 and 26. Now, I understand the reasons for this but I was told at my original information session that when you were comfortable with your weight you could move to RTM.
In my head I always had 14 weeks of abstinence, plus maybe a couple more depending on how I felt - now this choice has been taken away. I could do LLL but I really don't want to as I am an all or nothing sort of person.
I have a variety of events in August which whilst food is not the main part of I wanted to at least be in a position where I could join in a little bit (rather than having to explain or come up with an excuse for not eating) but now it looks like I will be going through to September.
I feel a churlish having a moan as I have done very well in a short space of time and am much happier in myself but I think it is due to having the goal posts moved.
Does this make sense?
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hi there
i was under the impression you go when it is right for you - not them, they can't force you to continue if you are ready to move!
daisy x
I was told that once you got to your goal - whatever that it, you can move to RTM..??? There was never any question of them dictating when you can start to reintroduce food.
It's completely up to you when you go to RTM.

However, something I have seen my LLC do a few times is try and get people to stay a bit longer and lose a bit more so they will be in a better place/weight when they end RTM.

I've no doubt that some of it might be because he/she wants to keep making money from you, but I'm forgiving enough to believe that it's mostly because your LLC wants you to get to the best possible weight you can.

At the end of the day though, it is totally down to you what you do after the 14 weeks. Personally, I'm sticking with it as long as I possibly can now as I don't want to have even the slightest regrets once I move to RTM along the lines of "ooh just a few more pounds off would have been nicer" or "damn this bit of me is still podgy", but that's just me :p


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I am starting RTM tomorrow and my BMI is still 29.9!I probably would have waited until later but I am going on holiday soon and want to eat.Like the others said-it is your choice.


Making it all add up
^^^ what was said above ^^^

Your decision to go to RTM, not your LLCs. You commit to the initial 14 weeks (or 8 for chaps) and nothing more. Once you finish foundation what you do is entirely your choice.

Hope you're feeling a little less deflated :)

Jo B

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Thanks for that - it's really interesting. Last night there didn't seem to be any leeway at all. I may carry on anyway but what made me really fed up was having that choice taken away. Does that make sense?
I will have a chat with my LLC next week about it but I know she will try to get me to stick with it. She has already pretty much refused to let 2 people in my group go onto rtm and they have BMIs of 26.6 and 27.1 so I am not hopeful!


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Jo, I don't think she can refuse anyone anything!

As the others have said, after the initial foundation is complete, it's a personal choice what you do next. My group has just completed foundation and two ladies, both who currently have BMI's of over 30, have moved to RTM.

If you want to go to RTM and she says you can't, I would definitely email LL head office - perhaps she's got confused... (that's me trying to give her the benefit of the doubt!!!!)

Don't be dictated to, do what makes you feel comfortable and happy - you're paying for it, after all!! :)
As the others have said, dont let your LLC dictate what you do. If she still refuses to let you go onto RTM, ring up other LLC's in your area and explain your situation to see if you can be transferred.

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