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A bit disapointed


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i went to weigh in today (a day early as i am going to see guns n roses tomorrow) and am a bit disappointed that i have only lost 1lb.

i have been having all of my 15 syns and quite a few potatoes. if i cut back on the tatties and only have 10 syns a day do u think this will speed things up? i am trying to lose as much weight as possible before my wedding in may
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Now to maintain.....
that one day can make a huge difference hun.
my home scales are accurate to sw .....on sunday i had only just lost 1lb from the previous weigh in.....come weigh in on monday i had lost 2.5lb.
i dunno why but i always thought that 15 syns was alot i never go over 10 unless im on a night out and drinking. I try to avoid syns tbh. well in the form of chocolate and crips anyway. I syn for sauce and butter etc

I say if you cut down your syns and potatoes it may help
well done on losing the lb
:)you have probably done this before but if you hav'nt get out your kitchen scales get some stuff out of your cuboards and put it on to weigh out a pound you will be shocked at how heavy it is xx
Firstly, don't be disappointed with "only" a pound. You had a huge loss the first week and that's normal but not sustainable over a long time. Your body may simply be adjusting to the new way you are fuelling it- I would continue as you are for another couple of weeks and look at the month overall rather than on a week by week basis.

Secondly, 5-15 syns is what we are allowed, my C advises new members to try and aim for about 10 a day but 15 is still on plan and should make no percievable difference.

As I said, see how you go over the month and how it all averages out. 1lb is a great loss though- don't be disheartened.


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oh dear I'm worried that as I'm weighing on Thursday night rather than my usual Friday morning I may not register a loss at all :( well done on your pound loss Mel - I'd be very proud of myself if I were you :D

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