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A bit of a dilemma...

Hi everyone!
This is my third week of LL and everything is going well! I do however, have a bit of a dilemma to face today :(
It's my boyfriend's birthday and he wants me to go out with him and his family for a meal!!!!
I'm sooo dreading it because i don't want all the questions that are going to come along with me not eating and sitting there with my glass of water. I know I'm going to get the usual "oh you're just being silly now!! You can't not eat!!", people just don't understand!
I really don't know what to do now :( i don't eat the soup's so its not like i can ask the restaurant to make that for me.
I suppose I'm just going to have to grin and bear it :(
What do you guys think i should do? Has anyone else had this kind of dilemma?
Thanks :)

Jess xx
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Just say you are feeling alittle ill. Its not easy when people are watching you, but remember you are doing this for you not them. And I am sure a small white lie will not hurt anyone.
Good luck, you will feel so good about yourself when you pull this off.
a toothache is a good excuse too. Or a funny tummy, etc.

You may be surprised though - all those comments ou mentioned I expected from my family - but I got nothing but 110% support. ot everyone thinks its bad. But you know your people best - so do whats best for you. :)
good luck!
You will get that anyway just tell them the truth and then tell them to drop the questions or support you. Don't be afraid let them eat and you enjoy watching them do it
It is tough and you do feel self-conscious but you've done so well to get to week 3. Whatever they say to you tonight, just ignore them and focus on how well you're doing and how pleased you are with your progress.
I believe it's better to be open with people about the diet but if that's not right for you, then it's your right to keep it quiet - tell them you have a really bad toothache and can't eat.
Whichever you choose to do, don't let them push you off the wagon - it's so hard to get back on!


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Tell them if they want to give you a week off and £66 you'll eat.

On a serious note, power through. You'll feel great once you have. We've all been there and worse. It CAN be done. One of the best things you can do on this plan is develop a severe stubborn streak. The more people went on at me the more I dug my heals in. :)
Hiya everyone!
Just thought i'd let you all know how tonight went!
It was surprisingly fine!!! I didn't miss the food and everyone was really supportive! I'm so pleased, thank you all for encouraging me to go along i really feel like i've tackled a huge obstacle in my LL journey!
Fantastic Jessica

Well done. Once you've been okay with an event like that it becomes much easier.
Remember you are doing this for you.
Try not to worry what other people think.

a. They are usually too wrapped up in themselves to consider it for more than a few minutes.

b. Once people realise you are committed and serious they are usually supportive.

Congratulations. First major hurdle -
One of the best things you can do on this plan is develop a severe stubborn streak. The more people went on at me the more I dug my heals in. :)
This is true. While I had total support, I needed that stubborn streak for me.

Approaching and proceeding throught the diet with the following mindsets helped see me through it without a morsel....and that is...

ZERO tolerance to failure, and
Failure is NOT an option.

And I was very stubborn with myself in this way.

By keeping those thoughts in the front of my mind, no matter who, how or why anyone tried to influence me to eat, it just wasn;t gonna happen. Nope. No way.

Good luck - just remember, you are the only one that can make someting go in your mouth.

If you do not want to, then you won't. :)

good luck!

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