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a bit of a rant...

why did i let myself get into this mess i am with my weight? i just went to the doctors to ask if i can get help moneywise to have lipotrim and they said no. they have said i should go back on my xenical instead and stick to it.

i told my boyf and he said i should do as im told coz i never do as im told, i said i want to go on lipotrim and he basically said no and still says i wont stick to it. i feel like i agree with him tho, ive tried so many diets, but never anything like this, but he is the one who brings the money in so i don't have any choice if he wont let me do it!

i feel so stuck and lost right now, i just want to lose weight and be the person i used to be. ive never been thin, but i used to be alot thinner and i was happy. right now i feel like giving up on myself, on my relationship and everything else. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

i guess i just want to get that off my chest and have some hugs... if there are any going!
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oh honey we've all been there. i've been going to the docs for years and years with my weight and sometimes you just feel like they dont get it!!!

here's a hug for ya :hug99:

as for your boyfriend, he doesnt sound very supportive, but it can be done without family support - can't it IrishMum?! if you have none of your own cash it will be very difficult to do it without his support tho. what's he like? is there anyway you can change his mind?

i hated xenical, but reductil was ok? have you been offered that?

i wish there was a way for you to do this, coz it's sooo worth while, but if there is no other way then cut out the carbs and remember "fat makes you fat" and you will lose some if you can up your activity. how much do you want to lose?

love lots hun, sounds like you're at the end of your tether xxx


Otherwise known as Jools
Awwww :hug99:

Like we have all said on the other thread of yours, this has to be done for yourself. Can your OH not see how unhappy you are? Can you not see if you can do this for a week or two - that is surely worth a try. If it does not work then at least you will all know for sure and then you can keep on the Xenical. Try and persuade your OH that you want to try for at least two weeks. Believe us when we say that once you are into Ketosis you will find this so easy and be so successful.

Two weeks thats all you need - surely its worth that :D

Good luck xxxx
i cant take reductil because of my other medication so right now its this or nothing. im going to work on the bf when he gets home from work, and hope it doesnt turn into an argument, im just going to count to 10 lol


Otherwise known as Jools
Good luck and I really hope that you can do this - its really really so worth it and in reality such a small amount of time in the long run.

Fingers crossed you can get your OH round to your way of thinking - cook him his most ever favourite meal, etc
I just want to say that my OH was exactly the same. I considered doing LT last year and he put me off, saying I wouldn't be able to stick to it. But I suppose it's because he's seen me try (and fail) at several diets and he reckoned LT would be harder to stick to than any of the others.

When I decided to give it a go this year, I just went and got the soups and shakes without discussing it with him. I have to say now he's seen the results he's amazed and very supportive.

So I would say if you want to do it, have a go and that'll show him !

Good luck!

Sending hugs xx
Awwww I feel for you,

would he give you the money as an early christmas present. If he bought you 2 weeks supply for xmas, and then you stuck to it he may agree to pay for it till you get to goal.

Also show him some of the before and after pics on here, (summergurls are amazing)

Awwww sweetie *hugs*

Look your body is your body and no one else's. You are in charge of your life, no one else. You decide if you want to do LT, not your boyfriend! Tell him how unhappy you are, tell him how your weight is making you ill. Tell him that if you remain at the weight you are now then your life will shorten. It is your decision as to what you want from life not his! Tell him you are doing LT for you! He should support you and be happy that you want to make a better life for yourself. He should be happy that you are wanting to be fit and healthy.

All the support you need is in here. You have to look after number one! If you are determined and focused enough he will be easy to convince (Not that I think you should try and convince him as it's your bloody life! :mad: ) Do not go on LT half heartedly, you have to be determined and focused on your goal of losing weight and being healthy. Take one day at a time, don't look too far ahead. Come on here for support and advice daily. Everyone here is in the same boat. We all have similar experiences in life.

Don't agree with him when he says you will fail, be positive! I've tried every diet going, and this is by far the easiest! 12 weeks in and over 6 stone gone, the results speak for themselves.

Good luck with talking to him. Be firm and positive. Be kind to yourself.


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