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A bit of a waffle......


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Last night at weigh in I lost 3.5lbs and was thrilled and also got my 4 and a half stone award. I was really pleased but for some reason also felt quite embarassed and didn't really want to talk about it when we went round in group.
I wondered if anyone else ever feels like this even when they lose and have good weigh ins?
Support and encouragement is fantastic and I am lucky to have a lot of it but I think with weight loss its such a public journey in a way it can be difficult sometimes. You can't just hide away and do it and come out as a thin person the results are there on display for everyone to seeas you go along!
I also find some of the questions hard to answer sometimes....what does your husband say? How do you feel? What made you start to lose it? There is so much to say in response sometimes the words won't come out!
Its been suggested I just find a sort of auto reply to say to people which may help but sometimes the answers vary?!?
I've waffled a bit but I wondered if anyone had any of the same sort of feelings?
All this being said I couldn't do without the support and rewards from group, they also keep me going, I think I was maybe just a feeling a little sensitive last night.
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First of all congrats on an absolutely excellent achievement!

I feel exactly the same as you do, and although there will be some people that have no problem confidently speaking, I think most of the class feel the same. During the week between meetings I try to make a mental note in my head of something that has helped me that week, and which meal I have enjoyed the most so that when asked I have something prepared-ish. That way if she asks me a question about it I can say something and if she asks me something different I can try and be a politician about it and answer my own question :p

Anyways, superb journey you are having and I wish you a happy healthy continuation.

Cobweb xx


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Wow, you're doing fantastically well!

Yeah, I know what you mean about the 'public journey', and if you're doing as well as you are, you will undoubtedly get loads of comments and questions all the time from different people, whether it be motivated by love, concern, curiosity or jealousy.

At class I almost dread being asked 'what did you enjoy eating this week?' or similar questions, because invariably I don't have an interesting or amusing answer, but I do try to enter the spirit of the occasion, in that a lot of people DO want to share and open up, and the group setting really does strengthen the resolve and motivation of the majority.

I also sometimes enjoy getting loads of praise, and for that reason only stay to class if I've lost weight :eek:

Mrs V

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Aww Hun...firstly well done on reaching that milestone!

It takes a really long time for it all to sink in doesnt it? I get embarrased over the rounds of applause too, just want to celebrate the loss with my family and Hubby rather than a class of (friends as well as strangers) that are there for the same reason as me!
For that reason I would certainly shy away from being in the magazine, or entering for slimmer of the .....competitions.
Im sure it will all change though when I get to goal and will want to shout it from the roof tops! That day may come for you too!

If you know you are going to be in a situation where you will be asked questions, then prepare the answers in advance. Write a list of things people say in one column, and your responses in another.

Now this might sound a bit controversial, but the answers don't necessarily have to be true! If asked what your husband/family/children think, and the real answer is long and complicated, you can just say "oh, they are really pleased" and leave it at that. "How do you feel?" - just say "great, thanks" - no need to talk about how you really feel (anyway, that's nobody's business but yours). "What made you start losing weight?" - just say "got puffed going upstairs" or "my favourite trousers were too tight" - you don't have to go into all the complicated reasons.

And as Cobweb mentioned - do like the politicians do (there will be plenty of them on television in the next few weeks, so you can get some lessons!!). If you don't have an answer to the question you have been asked, turn it round to a question you DO have the answer to. "What did you enjoy eating this week?" - "Oh, lots of things, but I tell you what I didn't like - I tried that xxxxx and found it very disappointing."

Think of it as a performance - and do some rehearsals!


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or if you dont like talking tell your C and they wont ask you


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You are doing really well, good luck to you for your continuing weight loss.


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I find this hard to... I presume a lot of the members in my group have been there for a while, where as I am one of the only newer members who has joined, commited and actually attends group every week. This can be quite embarassing for me, I am quit econfident within the group and I am more than happy to contribute and talk...but when it comes to my weigh in being discussed or me getting an award I get 'wooped' as in members of the group sit there clapping and going 'woopwoopwoooo' as encouragement and in a positive way (not sarcastic in anyway) but it can be quite embarassing.

The biggest loser in my group has lost 1 stone 11 pounds, she has been there a lot longer than me and I am now @ 1 stone 7 pounds, and because I have done it a lot quicker than her they all talk to me and ask me about what I am doing how it is going and everyone wants to know. I think that actually puts more pressure on me as well as the embarassment factor!

I understand completley where you are coming from!! x x x
I really do know how you feel. I have only been going to my class for 11 weeks and all but one week I have had slimmer of the week. One week I got slimmer of the week, slimmer of the month and I won the raffle.
I know what you mean about the pressure, as soon as I have got weighed, someone would always ask/shout asking how I have done.
I started to think that they were willing me to fail. I had a chat with a non SW friend about it. I told her I was starting to feel embaressed about all the awards and that I thought that the group was wanting me to slip up. She made me see sense by saying that I pay my money each week to do slimming world and it is their fault if they are not following the plan properly. She also said that while some may be a tiny bit jealous, why would they be waiting for you to fail? It made me think!
I do not flinch now if I get an award/slimmer of the week, I have worked hard at sticking to plan all week and I deserve it!!

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