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A bit of science lol

Had my weigh in on Saturday lost 11lbs :D lol
what I want to know, if any one knows that is, why does weight loss slow down after first week. I've started gym this week and last night did a gentle run and burnt 288 cals and did a few weights.
What I'm going for is to lose the same amount again. As I said be for I'm in a very physical job constantly sweating and drinking litres of water lol
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The science is that 3.5lbs of that weight loss in the first week will be fat and the rest is glycogen, your ready reserves of energy that your body carries around with you - on a VLCD in the first week, you lose this so that you are in ketosis. Alas, try as you might you can;t ever lose that same amount again because there's no glycogen there to lose, just fat - if you are a bloke - which your name may suggest (you can never be sure!) or you have a lot to lose, or both, you might knock off 7lbs or so in your second week, but you'll never get that addition water weight boost of the first week. Guys average about 4.5lbs a week, women about 3-3.5lbs a week on a VLCD. Some weeks it might be 8lbs others just 1 or 2. That said - people in physical jobs tend to lose about 1lb a week faster as well (A woman the same weight and height as me on LL lost about 0.75lbs a week quicker because she walked about 5 miles a day further than I did)
Lol I love the scientific side of things. Thanks for that. Yea I am a bloke. I think it's amazing how you can still go to gym when you have got nothing in you. What do you reckon I would lose I burn 500 calories a day at the gym and have a highly physical job. Up stairs all day in 13 floor building carrying glass fitting it carrying other stuff fitting it lol what do u reckon


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I go to the gym 3 x a week & burn approx 4-500 cals plus do kickboxing too, I've averaged a loss of 5lbs a week so far... You will never get the same loss as the 1st week though!

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