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A bit worried about burning sensation in my chest!

Hi all,

I'm on CD and recently have been waking up with pins and needles in my arm and today have experienced a burning in my chest, it's a sort of sharp pain. I'm a bit worried it may be the diet affecting me. Anyone experienced this? or any advice??

Tanya xxx
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I had that my first week, it was horrible. I felt really bad, but I went to gym 3 times that week and was ss. My CDC said that I had to do 810 to be able to continue work outs, not enough energy and calories for the body to cope with it. Since than it is gone.
Thanks Bibiana, so what do you think causes it?

is it lack of food? How does exercise help?
Hey Tanya; funny u mention the pins and needles as I thought it was just me!! My arms seem to go "numb" really easily since I've started on the diet - ie: when i'm holding my daughter while she's having her nap, i'm sat on the sofa and within 10min my arm will turn white and start pins and needles; I also wake up in the night with pins and needles :S
Anyway, I mentioned it to my CDC last visit and she said it was the first time she heard of it... ah well... personally I think it's probably normal - I mean it's normal to feel colder during CD so imo this means the blood circulation slows down and therefore you're more likely to have pins and needles.
Anyway, I've been on SS+ for a few days and it's not happened since... So with the chest pain you're experiencing as well I'd def try SS+ and see if it helps.
Thanks Forest! was a bit worried about it and I also asked my CDC but she said she'd never heard of it!
thank god it hought it was just me. i noticed very early on (im on week 3) that my arms were going to sleep really quickly and giving me pins and needles. It doesnt seem to be anywhere else in my body just in my arms.
It's nice to know there are more people with it! so what does everyone think it is? does it stop? I'm on my 12th day...
well the burning felt like hart burn (soar throat) . I felt like fainting and lightheaded. CDC just said it is becuase my calorie intake was to small for what I was doing. I have lost 4lb this week had wi tonight which is on the 810 plan and I went to the gym 3 times a week. I am very pleased with that.
That's really good! Only thing is with me I'm not doing much at all exercise wise. So not sure what this pain is

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