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A bit worried?!?!

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Evening All!

I got some ketostix today from the chemist, and the pharmacist asked why i needed them, he said if its for a diet it must be a very very dangerous diet????

This has made me slightly worried...

Also i read the leaflet in the stix and it says if u have keytones in your urine it can lead to a diabetic coma due to lack of sugar in the body???

Am i just over reacting worrying about it?

Does anyone have an opinion on this?:)

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Aww, bless you! Don't worry.

Many doctors and pharmacists are against VLCDs, but if followed correctly and not abused they are life savers for many people.

My GP was all for it... as was the nurse who used to do my blood pressure checks while I was on LL (it was a requirement).

My old LL counsellor used to be a nurse too, and would check our ketostix each session to make sure we were in.

Ketones in the urine don't even necessarily signal a VLCD. Those doing Atkins also get into ketosis.

Don't worry. Just keep hydrated (but don't over do it!) and you'll be fine.

A xx
You chemist is ill informed. In diabetics (some diabetics) too many ketones can be a problem - their body can not deal with them and they can get a condition called ketacidosis, which can be very dangerous. It is not dangerous for non-diabetics, and diabetics also can go on vlcd with medical supervision so they can be monitored. If you are concerned you should chat it over with your doctor - but unless you are diabetic you have very little to worry about. Good luck with your weightloss and look forwards to your soon to be very much slimmer life.
S: 13st8lb C: 12st9lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 28.6 Loss: 0st13lb(6.84%)
Feeling better now thanks :)

I just got a bit freaked out when i read it after him telling me that.

I checked ma ketones and it is at low the now, does that mean its starting to kick it or would that be a normal reading for my body anyway?

Lol just cant wait to get into full swing ha ha xx
it is exciting to see that stick go pink though!!
Not sure if i'm there yet...this is day three for me...as i've been ill and off work I've slept too much so not been drinking enough water.... I was going to buy the sticks off ebay...are they expensive from a chemist? xxx


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Yes, the ketosis is dangerous if you are diabetic AND have certain other factors going on but in only extreme cases. But if you have read the exante website and health questions and you qualify then you have nothing to worry about. Being in Ketosis is what would happen with most of the pharmacy diets anyway, boots do theirs and I know that many other pharmacies do them too.

There is a lot to be said for losing weight and lowering your risks from all sorts of nasty diseases. I had this conversation with my GP, by lowering your weight/BMI you can virtually cancel out any ill affects from cholesterol, type II diabetes and a number of other weight related illness not to mention the strain you put on your joints.

I would also take a very safe bet that whilst on Exante diet that this is the first time that most of us here would have ever reached the correct levels of vitamins and minerals in their diets.
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Hi. I am a nurse and the posts on here are correct about ketosis only being dangerous in diabetes and in their case is a result of very high blood sugars. Your chemist does sound extremely ill informed especially as I have just switched from lipotrim which was supervised and recommended by pharmacists and is also a vlcd and meal replacement plan. You will be fine. Just keep going and if you are worried about going back to your pharmacist because of their negative attitude to this wonderfully positive step you have taken to improving your health and life then stuff them. Take your business and you money elsewhere and they will suffer. You can always get your ketonesticks online.
Good luck. x x x x


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My friend, a GP, lost over 5 stone on a VLCD. She now recommends the diet to people she thinks it would be appropriate for.
I asked for some ketostix in a very well known high street chemist and the pharmacist did not know what I was asking for......... Slightly worrying, he appeared non the wiser even after I had explained what they were!
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Yep... I have a degree in immunology and toxicology (although am now a dental nurse) and I agree with above, some people get confused with ketoACIDosis which is harmful, but ketosis isn't harmful to normal medically fit people xx

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