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A bunch of moaning losers!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Last night at class after weigh in, 4 of us sat with a drink and moaned! Nothing new there then you think! BUT, between us we calculated we'd lost about 8 stone, and the real crux of the matter is that none of us has a thing to wear cos it's all loose or too big! Great isn't it? (one of the girls had bought a load of 16's to "slim into" for her holiday in Oz and they're all too big! It's going to cost her a packet! And she couldn't care less)
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Oh wow, congratulations :D I was mincing round Sainsbury's with Mum last night saying things like; I can have this, and this only has so many syns and you can have white nimble on SW and she said you are going to turn into one of these people that quit smoking and preech why you shouldn't aren't you? And I laughed! I love "moaning" about my weight loss :p

Natt xxx


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lol just think its one of them things, like when you hear the skinniest people tell you i think im fat(obviously they dont as they walk around in next to nothing)lmao- its funny tho my actuall attitude had changed so much to food in the 9 weeks ive been doin sw, if i look at butter now i feel physically sick, and when i see stuff that are really high in syns and people r buying them that r slightly overweight i feel like telling them, dont do it or you will end up like me!!! daft as it sounds its changed me soo much( ill stop rambling now lmao)
laura xx


I can do this............
well done judi it is funny how we love to moan about losing! Just shows our britishness i suppose!!! I have a real shortage of clothes at the moment as i was a size 20 and now a size 16 is getting loose! Luckily i always bought clothes that were to small for me so i have been wearing clothes from the back of the wardrobe! But i have decided to go on a shopping spree in a couple of weeks as i am going on holiday and i have nothing to wear!!!
Of all the things to be moaning about, this is a bl00dy good one :D LOL! It's a good point though - losing weight is an expensive business, what with all the new clothes we need. And obviously the right shoes, bags, cosmetics and jewellery to go with those new clothes....
What a great thing to moan about, congratulations to all of you. Maybe the charity shops should be used a bit more on the "way down" untill we get to target and then go on the shopping spree.

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
Maybe the charity shops should be used a bit more on the "way down" untill we get to target and then go on the shopping spree.
Good idea! I never think of those because when I was bigger they only had cr*ppy stuff in my size... Now I might be able to get some nice interim things.

I certainly need more to wear, my clothes are hanging off me...Even some of my old things are too big!
Definately use the charity shops, though some are going a bit 'up market' now thanks to Mary Portas! Before my hols, when I absolutely HAD to buy some 'new' items, I asked to try on some trousers cos I didn't know my size as I'd lost a lot of weight. "You're so sensible dear" came the reply, "get your basics from shops like us, then get your 'good stuff' new!". Didn't have the heart to tell her that this WAS my GOOD STUFF!!!


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Charity shops rock! I go weekly to the ones in my town, don't always buy anything and sometimes it is junk but often I get a real pearler of a bargain like a full length 100% silk monsoon dress for six quid! Not everyday wear I hear you cry but it will get worn for the next ball I go to! Other than that I buy jeans, work trousers and skirts and the occassional top that catches my eye!

In your little circle of moaning losers, can you do any swops or are you all the same size? I keep saying we should bring our old stuff into SW class one night and have a swop night.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
We used to have a swapshop at an old class, I don't think Kevin was impressed :eek:.

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