A day off?.

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  1. Jmc81

    Jmc81 Member

    Hi everyone

    Ive just completed week 3 and have lost a total of 20 lbs! Ive set my self a goal to have lost 2 stone by end of march as im goin away on my hen weekend, so ive still got another 9 lbs to lose! Im goin out tonight to pub for st patrick day celebrations and would love to have a drink!

    Im just afraid that once im out of ketosis thats its gonna take ages to get back into it again im planning on having a healthy meal before i go out as i know you cannot drink while in ketosis.

    Do u think if i have today off i sbould be able to still get back to my target?

    Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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  3. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Well-Known Member

    i went out last night and had a few drinks. it was planned and im 7 weeks in. the pitfalls are immediate weight gain and ive all the flu symptoms to look forward to again next week. it was extremely difficult to say no to food as well after the drinks and i cooked a fry for the household this morning while having a shake myself this morning and my stomach is in knots. on the upside i had a great night but i wont be doing it again any time soon while on the diet. its not worth the hassle in my experience for anything other than a special occasion.
  4. annaclaire

    annaclaire New Member

    I had an 8 pound loss on first week, got over excited over weekend and had a few drinks plus healthy meals instead of shakes and have gained 3 pounds:( feeling disheartened and annoyed!!
  5. KMcHugh86

    KMcHugh86 Member

    What do you mean the flu symptoms?

    So every time you had a "day off" if you drink or eat normally - you have to start the Cambridge all over again?
  6. LizzRob

    LizzRob Well-Known Member

    Depends on what you have hun.

    If you have a day off for drinking, you need to carb up to get out of ketosis as ketosis and alcohol is really bad news. But any gain would be off again within a fortnight and you'll have some happy memories too!

    Don't sweat it :)

    Current loss: 12lbs and 7.5inches
  7. Nikonian

    Nikonian Member

    You definitely get mild flu-like symptoms when you're on the way to ketosis. Headache, achy limbs, tired, lethargic... But the difference is you can still function, unlike having flu. Always makes me laugh when people write on Facebook "I'm so ill with the flu". If you had flu, you wouldn't be able to lift your head off the pillow, let alone update your Facebook status!
  8. KMcHugh86

    KMcHugh86 Member

    OH I see what you mean hahah I was like "Okay I am feeling a bit run down and bleugh... this cannot get worse!" hahah

    Eurgh see I do want to be able to go have a nice meal (when I am at a good weight) and have a drink but then its back to starving yourself and living on shakes again.

    Who would be a woman?
  9. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Well-Known Member

    If what you have takes you out of ketosis you've to go back in again same as if you were starting from scratch.

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