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A day on simply filling....


Overweight or undertall?!
I'm doing it today for the first time, nearly out of weeklies so am having healthier snacks but might have to sneak in a curly wurly later on lol x

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Overweight or undertall?!
How long have you been doing ww? I've been doing it since march and have felt out of my comfort zone today lol x

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stacey1985 said:
I don't like it....I feel like I've blown it for some reason. Just had my Sunday dinner, pointed all the extras but it just felt like I wasn't in control
I felt like that too but as long as you're pointing the extras, you'll be ok :) xx
Ive been doing it on and off for about 3 years whilst I was having my children, but been back properly 5 weeks since having my daughter 7 months ago.

I just felt really bad eating what I did!!! Think I'll stick to my pp....I also feel really down now like I've been defeated. I was buzzing doing pp cuz I knew if I stuck within them I'll have a good weigh in
I ate quite a lot when I looked back on my tracker this morning, well compared to a pp day. I dunno what to think yet I'll have my weigh known Wednesday and see what effect it's had...I feel really bloated. Think it might be the extra carbs?
I'm really reserved on my carbs whilst doing pp but I had my Sunday dinner yesterday and had new potatoes and roasts, I also had scrambled egg on toast for breakfast. Just don't think my body is used to it
I'm still weighing my potatoes at 200 - 250g per meal and also I'm only having WW bread once a day, if that, but I am having 1 - 2 crumpets a day. I definitely feel less bloated though which I think is the bread as I used to have 4 slices a day.
Hey .. The portion sizes are throwing me too but .. As ive felt out of control I added my cals up for the day and with 3 meals and a snack with foods that are free they only came to approx 1200 .. So dont all beat yourselves up, I think its good to give the body a shock after spending a while controlling portions .. Altho I may not loose this week, I feel ten times healthier coz im not eating 2 bags of crisps a day with choc too ... Stick at it ladies .. Xxx