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A diary of a serial CD'er!!!!!!

Thats it time to stop messing and start doing this for real. I have attempted restarts tiome and time again, i lost 8lbs lat week which i was very very chuffed with cos i had picked abit here and there but still managed to lose,but.............i have regained it arghhhhhhh:cry:

So today is the day, i have to do this now i am sooooooo pi**ed off with myself at the mo, i know i can do this i have done it before but it is s hard to restart and i am struggling big time but i need to do it, so here we go day 1 AGAIN!!!!!!!

Please please help me i need a swift:whoopass:

I just want to shut myself away and hide and cry and scream and shout but what good would that do i have to act like an adult and take responsibility for what i do and what i put in my mouth. This time next week i will have to take the kids back to school and the way i feel at the moment i don't think i can do it, i am so embaressed by the way i look.

Anyway enough of feeling sorry for myself i am doing it today is day 1 so here it goes.....watch this spce cos this is now my official diary and i shall be filling it in every day, if i lapse please promise me you will be on my case cos i need it at the mo!!!

Thanx Guys, means alot to me.

Wish me luck ......AGAIN!!!!!

lots of love Busy XXXXX
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You CAN do it. You have acknowledged that you are going wrong somewhere down the line and can see from your post your sheer determination.
Stick with it!!
Congratulations on losing 8lbs last week!!
Not gonna :whoopass::whoopass: you, but sending you :grouphugg:and :vibes::vibes:for the day ahead X


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Good Luck for day 1 busy. You know you can do it and you know how hard its going to be - you just need to get stuck in and get through these first few days.

You will obviously not be at target when the kids go to school next week but you can still hold your head high knowing that you are doing something about your weight, and knowing that if you persevere you will be at target by the start of the next school term in January.

Water really is the key so get glugging, and have early nights if that helps you. I find night time hardest after the kids have gone to bed but if Im struggling I just have an early night.

You CAN do it busy. We will support you every step of the way but you have to do it yourself.

Have a great day.


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(Also replied elsewhere, but just in case you don't see it)

Hey Busy!! Hiya!!

What are you doing to yourself mate? You know how the diet works, you know it's all in the head.

Allowing yourself illegal 'picks' is going to make it so hard. You know that. You know that as soon as you cheat and find you still are losing weight, then there is a chance that it'll all backfire as you get more confident with the little extras.

So come on friend. No cheats. Not one tiny bit. If you don't feel that you can SS without something extra, then do 790. You know the losses are similar.

The most important thing for you is that you don't add one cheat, not even a crumb. Everything must be 'legal' whether its just ss, or 790. If it's 790, you must weigh it. Everything exact.

You know too much. You need to take this right back to the beginning. Your very first go at a VLCD (think it was LL wasn't it). How you felt then. Did you add those cheats at the very beginning? Bet you didn't.

Get yourself back there and do it 'clean'. No coke zero...nothing. You can do it, I just want you to do it the easy way...no cheats

Awww hun come on!!! You'll have me on your back on here & msn now!!!

I'm on restart day 4 & it truly has been hell. I stood outside the take away last night swaying backwards & forwards like a nutter going through the will I or won't I debate. I'd love to say I was all strength & will power but the thing that finally made up my mind was being desperate for the loo! Yeay to all this water for once! Be strong & you'll be there in no time. x
You can do it busybee. I'm back on track today as well.

Just think of all those lbs melting away. I have a pair of jeans in my walldrobe to get into & I try them on everyday, knowing that one day soon I'll be in them.
Come on Busy, you can do it, you know you can, time to put faith in your own strength and determination hun.

Keep at it, get that water down and push on x
Busy, you and i are peas in a pod. I think we started vlcds about the same time, and both did well the first time, then its slowly been creeping on again.

I am so sick of being embarassed when i post a new 'day one' thread or the like, doing well for a few days, then stuffing it up and putting it back on again. I have contemplated leaving minimins as i feel disgusted with myself that i cant stick to anything.

I too have dabbled with other diets, only to return to cd as it's the only thing that ever worked.

Dont know what else to add, except i am here for you if you wanna lean on me for a bit of support and understanding. Feel free to pm me whenever you want.

As for me, i am planning my next restart when the kids go back to school. Hopefully it will be the last one.:(:eek::sigh:
Awwwwwww You Guys!!!!! You are so sweet!!! Thank you soooooo much for all your fantastic replies it really does mean alot to me to come back here and get the support i NEED,lol.

Well have phoned My CDC cos i was supposed to weigh last night but i chickened out,lol. Anyway she was lovely I said 'oh i shall come and see you next Monday' and she said 'Oh no you won't you will come and see mu thursday, i am not letting you get away with it this time. I know how badly you want it and its my job to support you when you need it, to praise you and to give you a quick swift kick up the bum when you need it as well'.

I Thought that was so nice of her cos she is right if i con't go baclk this week i will use the rest of the week to carry on as i have been and think oh well i will restart tomorrow still enough time to get it off by the time i se her etc etc. Oh yes i know al the cheats all the mind games etc, Its just about time i broke this vicious circle so WATCH OUT Chatterbox i am gonna beat you down lol.

Anyway so far so good, its 12.20pm and so far had 1litre of water and 1 pak and 2 coffees.

Lots of love Busy XX
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Go girl!

OK So i got to Day 2, Day 1 was not perfect (not by a long way) But i WILL do better today. I did manage to drink my 4 litres yesterday so thats a bonus, feel much more positive today and am raring to go. I did have a sneaky peek on the scales this morning and am 3lbs down........WOOHOO!!!!!!! I am so chuffed, just think how well i could do if i am 100% today. I have weigh in tomorrow night so hoping that i can lose another 3lbs and then i will be back to the weight thati was the last time i weighed (Kind of like damage limitation,lol).

Anyway I shall keep you all posted and wish me luck for the rest of the day!!!

GOOD LUCK to you all!! Stay STRONG and resist resist resist, C'MON we CAN do this, you know we can!!!

Love Busy XX


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What a great CDC you have! Coolio :cool:

So 100% today. Remember you have the choice. Make the right one;) and think about how chuffed you will feel getting through day 2 without a cheat.

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