A few daft newbie questions - please forgive me!

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  1. dollface

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    Ok, so started last week and lasted about 2 hours. I just completely forgot I was doing the diet and my friend at work popped a piece of chocolate in mouth (she didn't know I was dfoing lipotrim) and I didn't even realise what I had done for about 20 minutes... :eek:

    So yesterday, I got into the correct frame of mind and I started. I felt fine yesterday, I find the choc shake about the most bearable and do feel full but I find it makes me start to gagg towards the end of the drink. Is it ok to add a bit less water until i get more used to it? At the moment, i really struggle to get the last inch of the cup into my mouth?

    Another question, I read on here that someone's mouthwash knocked them out of ketosis, would this happen if I accidently swallowed some toothpaste? Considering I am going to be cleaning my teeth more than the usual twice a day, is this something I should be concerned about?

    And finally, (sorry about this) but what is my poo going to be like? :eek: Should I be expecting to do normal poos or am I going to resemble a chocolate fountain? :p
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    I'm in a bit of a mad rush at the moment so only have time to answer one quickly. It's fine to add extra water to the shakes but no, I'm afraid you shouldn't be adding less. I found they were hard to get down in the beginning but by adding more water they became thinner and therefore easier to swallow. Hope that helps somewhat hun x
  4. jojo32

    jojo32 Member

    Hi I read that it was ok to add less water as long as you drink extra to make sure you r not missing out. I started (again) this morning. The exact same thing happened to me on Friday. Its my day off work and I had taken my horrible shake in the morning then came home from the school run and made some toast!!!! Decided to start when I was in work and away from temptations. I found it very hard to finish my drink I was gagging the whole way though it even tried to hold my breath and swallow it but it didnt help. Im not thinking what have I let myself in for. But then I look at the Inspiration slide show and hope that I will have my foto in there soon. As for the poo I would imagine it would be quite a messy soft one as theres nothing but liquid going in to come out again!!!:confused:
  5. Medea

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    Lipotrim Madness..... compliments my personality! : )
    As for the toilet question: if you add fibreclear to your shakes (available at your pharmacy for the cost of £4.95) they should be somewhat normal. If you don't wish to use it, then I'm afraid laxatives such as senekot or ducolax should be something you buy. For the first few days your body will expel what it already has- after then there will be nothing. Don't do what I did in the first week and go without anything as I was in agony by day 7!

    Not sure about the toothpaste question- but you can get Gold Spot breath freshner or the listerine strips (called pocket packs) which will also help.

    Remember to drink loads of water, either sparkling or still and to fend off the hunger pangs- drink hot drinks. Peppermint tea is excellent, as is white tea, earl grey or black coffee.

    Good luck xxx
  6. tara66

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    No question is too daft on here! On toilet question prior to LT I always been very regular and I have found I don't need laxatives and don't use fibreclear as still go regular tho bit like rabbit pellets (sorry if TMI). If this bothered me I would use fibreclear which would bulk them up a bit.

    However listen to Medea, take into account how you are normally but don't under any circumstances let anything build up or the agony can be enough for people to completely give up.

    Good luck with LT it is great x
  7. Angie44

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    Always keep your water levels up...not sure about toothpaste but I have not had a problem with that as for bowels hmmm well I have to use suppositories been so bunged up despite drinking lots of water. Good luck x
  8. kathryn B

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    Ive used fibre clear since day 1 as ive had great problems before when i did lighter light.Very regular with fibreclear!!!:D:D
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