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a few lipotrim questions..!!

Hey everyone,

I started my first day of LT today. It went ok... (I didn't get tempted to eat/drink anything extra) however i'm really worried that my downfall is going to be the fact that the taste of the shakes and soup today made me heave!

Was anybody else in the same boat when they started? please tell me that day two and so on will get better!!

Another question is that I have noticed many people have lost huge amounts of weight in their 1st week - upto a stone; If I have 3 stone to lose in total does that mean my weight loss will be slightly slower if LT reckon that we average a stone a month usually?

final question is if I make the shake into a mousse is it easier to stomach because there is less mouthfuls to take?

Sorry for all the questions..!!!!:8855:
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Here we go again!
As I'm quite new at this myself I can't answer many of your questions apart to say it really does get easier. Take each day at a time and when you come to your first wi you will be so proud of yourself and it will spur you to go on. It really is worth it. Good luck!
hiya ems,

I had exactly the same problem, some of my posts were about gagging over the shakes, I can honestly say that it does get easier, I still do not like them but manage them and I think the idea is that you have them for the vitimins etc. and that they are not moreish.

It really will take a few days to get into these I think most people will say the same, I can only take chocolate shakes I have a strawb sometimes but over the first few days you will get to find out which you like best and next time you go to the chemist get the ones that suit.

I guess I lost a stone first week cos I do have a real lot to lose but hey it will come off so stick with it, the support on here is fab.

I wouldn't do mouse.....to me it would concentrate the shakes.

Please stick with it though I was gagging for a few days before I started to be just ok with them, good luck on the lipotrim!
I am on day 5 and got weighed this morning so after only 4 days on the programme I lost 7lbs. I have 3-4 stone to take off. A friend is just at refeeding stage, having started in November with 3.5 stone to lose, even with a blip at Christmas!
I found the first day the worse. Today I feel like a new woman and had a play fight with my husband. He could not believe how strong I was! He had thought I would be weak!
I have seen other posts where people talk about adding coffee to their chocolate shake. i hate coffee so can not say what that is like. I hated them on the first day. Still not keen on Vanilla and Strawberry but like choc hot and cold and like the soup.
Good luck. This forum is a blessing and really helps to stay motivated.
Oh and holding your nose whilst getting them down you helps! All means to an end I also feel so much more in control and not hungry at all.

Oh and a great feeling of welbeing good luck hope, mini and ems
wow - great advice! hope- i also dont like coffee but you never know, we might acquire taste buds for it!! also that is a fantastic loss in 4 days.. hopefully I will be very excited to say the same in a few days time!! thanks loulouless - today i tried holding my nose... i got some very funny looks from my friend!! good luck mini - trust me if i can stick to this ANYONE can!!
Just read the very first page of my diary.. I hate the shakes!!! Love them now! I find adding more and more water and ice helps! make the shakes with 300ml water and 2 cubes of ice.. mixing vanilla with everything as well helped for me.. just takes a few days to get used to them.. . they grown on u
thanks ollie.. just got up ready for a day at work (i know.. how awful on a sunday!!) and all thats going through my head is eeeewww dont touch that shake!!! good luck for today everyone
Hi Em, the shakes often start by tasty odd coz all you can taste is the vits and minerals but it does get easier. It is often advised in the first few days to split the shakes and have 6 smaller ones. Just make sure you make each half up fresh.

I love all 3 shake flavours now and look forward to each one. Just off for a vanilla latte now, yum, yum!


blue eyes

Positive and focused!
You really do get used to the shakes, you are not going to love them, but you get into a routine they will stop hunger pangs. I used to hold my nose whilst drinking them but now just try not to taste them. The water must be very cold and the only one i can drink is vanilla with black coffee.

Keep going good luck.XX
I agree with all the above! Very cold water is a must, and I find drinkin em through a straw helps. I'd tried making the chicken soup really thick at first because I thought it would make it taste more like 'real' soup, but I find it's much better if it's really watered down, like broth. I'm hoping to lose about 3stone as well, I was down 10lbs at my first WI but I assume some of that is water weight?? Best of luck, you'll get used to em! x
Okay, so when I started I absolutely hated the shakes. Made them with the bare minimum amount of water allowed and had to take them through a straw. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I (no joke) loved them! I only have the chocolate but now I completely fill my shaker (about 650mls) and enjoy every mouthful. You will get used to them, I promise. I'm so super fussy I thought I'd be in for a couple of months of hell but when they are all you are drinking you simply adjust.

Good luck!!
Have the shakes with coffee, the chicken soup add some pepper, chilli flakes or anything else that will take the flavour away and to taste better. I make the strawberry shake cold and add ice which makes it refreshing. I have also found that once ya take the shakes throw a straw is quite good as well. The first week ya will lose loads so onwards and downwards from here and always keep posting even if ya feel like poo, all the best
i done lt last year for 3 months and when i finished i actually missed the shakes! as for weight loss a stone a month is achievable with 3 stone to lose if not more i lost 5 st in 14 weeks! have you tried mixing up the shake and sticking it in the freezer to make ice cream its very nice x
hi hun

the shakes are not supposed to be yummy, the idea is that you do not assosiate food with nice, it is "supposed" to be seen as fuel, something none of us have obviously got right!!!!

i hated the shakes at the start and cried as i drank them but as rainbow brite said , i quite enjoy them. You are re-training your pallet and its a fresh start....i cheated before with my favourite thing, crisps and they were horrible! so you never know...you may hate your greasy stuff if you strictly stick to this....Worth a try anyway eh?!!
Hi Ems
the shakes are grim to start with but you soon work out what u like and what u can put up with. i only have strawberry now and i make it with very cold water and lots of ice which when mixed up and the ice is crushed makes it thicker like a smoothie. i just have strawberry so i know that all i have. if i have a choice then it is too distracting. i have not lost a stone on my first week, im on a restart, but im happy with small losses on a continuous basis. and have given myself 4 months. you will be ok. just its not the best time of year when its cold and weather is bad.
thanks so much for all the advice! onto day three and so far no slip ups.. but i feel so sick just thinking of the shakes at the mo!! is it bad that so early on im wondering whether im better just sticking to good old fashioned healthy eating?? good luck to all of you!!!
thanks so much for all the advice! onto day three and so far no slip ups.. but i feel so sick just thinking of the shakes at the mo!! is it bad that so early on im wondering whether im better just sticking to good old fashioned healthy eating?? good luck to all of you!!!
I think when you get week one over with you'll see how great this diet really is. mix and match the shakes.. see if you can come up with something you really like..
Just been writing in my blog - i'm swapping from lipotrim to slimming world for medical reasons. (Long story... check my blog!) I can't say i'm hugely upset by the way i'm feeling right now! I was really feeling quite rough. I do wish all of you the best of luck with your weight loss tho!!
Good luck on yor new path. I wish you every success xx