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A few questions please

Ive had 4 a day from day one, so your not the only one :)

I also have on days i feel like it 3 a day + a meal (food) or 200ml of skimmed milk

I like 4 a day even though i dont need to be on 4 a day but as i excerise alot i need the extra calories


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Er. I am not certain, so hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will come along, but at 5'6 you only have to have 3 per day and with your BMI as it is now, that should be fine without a doctor's signature. I am 5'5 and have 3; there was never any question about a) 4 packs or b) doctor.

Re the old 'add a meal week' - now not till week 13.

This IS your diet, and if you don't want four, I don't think you should *have* to have them!

Yes you should stay in ketosis on the AAM week (now 810, I think) assuming you stick to the plan.



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But she says I have to have 4 shakes a day- but if I want 3 then I have to visit the doctor to get signed off??
You can have 3 or 4. It's up to you. If you have 3, your CDC does have to inform your doctor, but it's only a letter, doesn't need a signature. It's just to inform him, nothing more.
Also, Im on week 6 and she says I have to have my add a meal week- I thourght you didn't have to have it until week 13?
Yes, it's week 13, though some CDCs do prefer people to have normal food before then so that they don't build up a phobia of food ;) You don't have to though.

I'm so scared I'll loose control! I have done ss 100%, and one of my biggest fears is falling off! I just don't feel i'm ready!
You do really need to talk with her about this. If you can get past the business of what week you have to eat according to Cambridge, and down to the basics of why it might be a good idea for you to eat.

I'm sure she'll have some ideas to help you cope.

Also do you stay in Ketosis while adding the meal? (providing you stick to the prescribed allowed foods)
It depends which plan she wants you to do. Since it's not week 13 (which is 810), she might be thinking just SS+. SS+ ketosis should be fine. 810, you can slip out of it. If that worries you at this stage, go for the fish or chicken options, rather than the quorn and cottage cheese.

Hope you can help!, I really like my cdc, shes fantastic,
That's excellent :clap: Talk to her. Tell her about your worries. Ask her why she wants you to go onto a higher plan

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