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  1. cad1

    cad1 Member

    hey all!

    I am seriously tempted to go back on cd after another rubbish attempt to ww or three meal a day has gone riotously wrong! saw an article in the news today about lighter life and my mum who is a nurse and always very anti vlcd said she thought about doing it which gave me the idea to do it once again...but cd as i think LL is a bit steep and i heard the shakes werent as great and as i am a tetra girl i thought it may go a bit pete tong!

    i would love to here from people who are also serial failures on all diets but who are dedicated this time and seeing fantastic results for a bit of inspiration to get back on the cd wagon!

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  3. Foosey

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    Hi Cad1, welcome.
    Yes I think CD is much cheaper than LL & has more choice.

    If you want inspiration just have a nosey around this forum.
    There are some real inspirational people on here who are always here too to support everyone else.

    Good luck on your journey hun xx
  4. Slickchick

    Slickchick Member

    There is no bigger inspiration than the speed in which u loose on CD...not to mention the dramatic change in ur body shape in such a short period of time....why not try CD and then when ur at a healthy BMI...mayb try WW again?

    Good luck x
  5. **sparkles**

    **sparkles** Silver Member

    I had been gradually putting on weight since 2001 until I ended up at the end of last year weighing almost 17 stone. I managed to lose about a stone for my holiday, but I was still wearing a tight size 20 salopettes and I was really unhappy. Over those years I tried many times to lose weight. I tried Slimming World a couple of times but the losses were so slow I didn't last long before I gave up. Even to lose a stone on my own by calorie counting took over 2 months and a lot of gym visits. I was desperate. Apart from the fact that none of my clothes fitted any more it was also affecting my health.

    My doctor suggested LL a couple of times, but when I looked at their website I knew that I didn't want to have all the counselling, plus I couldn't afford it. It was only after reading a forum on LL that somebody mentioned that CD was only around half the price and there was also a CDC nearby.

    On 16th March this year I took the plunge and started CD. I weighed almost 16 stone at this point. Now, 10 weeks later I weigh just under 13 1/2 stone. I'm proud to say that I haven't wavered once. I don't know what has made me so strong, whereas in the past I would have failed. I think that the fact I am losing every week helps. The fact that I have 7 stone to lose would have been too big a mountain to climb on any other diet. With CD I can see the light at the end of the tunnel-with SW it was always one step forward and 2 steps back-never ending.
  6. Shopaholic

    Shopaholic is back to finish the job

    Can you change the way you think about things? Make a concious decision to cut any negative speech/thoughts out. Don't say "I will try..." say "I will do...".

    Keep away from negative people, you need supportive people around you. Can you picture yourself at your goal weight? Until I started this diet I could never picture myself as a size 10, but this time round I can see it. I believe it so much that I went out and bought a pair of size 10 jeans and 2 t-shirts. The jeans are hanging on the back of the ensuite door so that I can look at them a couple of times a day. I know that I will be wearing those jeans in the autumn of this year. At the moment they don't even go up past my knees.

    You have to believe in yourself and change your mindset. Give CD a chance and give your mind a chance to look at food in a different light.

    You can do this :) We can do this!

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