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a great blender!!


has started again!!
cor....and I thought my £5 one from Asda was a bargain!!

They are brill, tho , I agree and a godsend to prevent lumpy soups etc!


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It's strange - I bought mine about a year ago and had never used it once ---- now it's the only thing I use! Have said to my family that as long as I have that, a jug, kettle, teaspoons and water I'm sorted for months :)

Got to agree its the one thing I cant do without. I took it all the way to Sri Lanka with me. There was no way I was putting up with lumpy soups and shakes for a month.

When I couldnt get to a power socket (when travelling in a van) I used the shaker and I found if my hubby shook it then there was way less lumps to contend with and it was not too bad. Unlike when I tried to shake it.
yeah i'm on my 3rd one from tesco!! They are a great price but don't last very long unfortunately! Esp when you use it 3 times a day every day!

I have put more expensive ones too (prob bought 6 in total over the past 2 years!), and the tescos ones are by far the best!!


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I had some slimfast the other day, to try and get used to having shakes and so we went out to buy a blender - went to tesco and got a hand blender for 3.77 it's brilliant, very quick and very easy to clean and totally cheap!!

You will probably find slim fast tastes completely different to LL drinks.....!
I was on slim fast for a while before starting lipotrim and the difference......well slim fast was much nicer ....lol.
I dont know what LL drinks are like but good luck for your start.


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Thanks for the info, At 3.77 a blender going through a few won't be that bad!

I'm more trying Slimfast just to get used to not having solid food so often rather than the taste, even though they are really nice and I was really surprised, I've heard that LL aren't very nice but maybe by the time I start I'll be glad to have something other than chocolate!!
I have done LL and am just about to switch to Cambridge - i tried slimfast for a while and the choc shake was puke!! Much prefer the LL ones!! About to find out about cambridge!!
:D hello, this is the first time I have been on a site like this. I start my lighterlife this evening! Not too sure what to make of it all but excited about what i might achieve and how i might change.Any tips or inspirational thoughts would be great!:)
oh.. just realised why I need a blender..... just had a cold vanilla shake and the bits in it put me right off!! The taste was quite nice so I can see the potential but the bits were yucky!! I guess the hotter stuff mixes better but I couldn't get the cold vanilla one mixed properly.. bleaurgh....:cry:


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In case you are still wondering - Cambridge shakes are delicious - and there are 9 flavours!!!!
Ann x

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