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A Lesson Learnt!


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I've learnt a valuable lesson this week and I'm deffinately going to learn from this and put what I've learnt into practise.

I deffinately have n't been eating nearly enough and I've not been eating at the right times either. I had a loss of 2.5 pounds this week although I was hoping for more. Maybe I was being unrealistic wanting more but from past experience I've not been as good as I was this week but I've lost alot more but I need to stop thinking about what's been done in the past, I did n't get to target and where I did get to did n't last becuase I was so ridgid and strict I could n't maintain it for any length of time.

I need to start eating at regular times, breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the moment I tend to have nothing at all except water and maybe a coffee or two until maybe 2 or 3 in the afternoon and not unusual for it to be even later and this is what I have to change.

This SW journey has really opened my eyes and made me see how bad my eating habits have been, and still are and I am sure I'm going to be able to impliment this into normal, maintanence style eating habits long after I have got to target.

I'm setting myself a target this week and that target is to eat a regular 3 meals a day, to have ALL the HEX A and B choices and to have a minimum of 10 syns topped up with lots of free, speed and superfree speed and see what happens with my weight loss next week - it will be really intersting to see if there is any significant difference.

I've not be jiggling much this week either cause of my back injury but I'm going to make sure I'm doing 50 to 60 minutes a day.

I'm also going to post a food diary each day and I'm sure some kind person can check it for me to make sure I've got it all right. I know what I'm doing but its always good to get that reassurance from my fellow slimmers.

Just want to thank you all for your support, you are all an inspiration to me and seeing the support that is found all over this forum amazes me - most people here have n't physically met each other but take the time each day to answer questions and to support each other through the ups and down - you are all amazing xxx
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well done on your loss, you shouldnt be too disappointed its a good loss :) and also a big well done you for learning from your "mistakes", identifying where youre going wrong and putting it right is a fantastic step in the right direction! :D go you!!! xx
I think we all make mistakes along the way, regardless of what they are. I don't know one person who is 100% the WHOLE time they do this. The key is knowing the mistakes you make, and adressing them, which is what you've done, so well done!

2.5 lb in a week is fantastic, the way my C tells it, is it doesn't matter how small the loss is, it's still as loss and a step in the right direction. But 2.5 is slightly above the average loss for a week so you are doing brilliantly!!

You say that people here inspire you, well YOU inspire me. You are doing so well, and I love reading your updates.
well done on your loss hun You have had some amazing losses and 2.5 is great to even though you may not feel it comparing it to your perivious losses but it is.
I'm glad you have seen your error hun you can't starve yourself its not good for you and eventually it will show on your weightloss if you don't give up first cause you want food.
Also if you eat more you have things to cut back onj when you start to platue what do you cut back on if you platue on hardly anything.
breakfast really is the most important meal of the day it kick starts your metabalism.
good luck hun


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Great post Alia, I think you are spot on with it really - definitely eat more and in the morning too, it will get your metabolism going for the day.
Good this week and for the rest of your journey.
Good on you!
It takes some courage to reflect on what you have been doing and then to admit it.
I used to be like you - never ate in the mornings and thought that was ok. Yes, I did sometimes use it as a tool to lose some weight and although at times I was successful, it was not particularly healthy and I'd always end up bigger again.
SW has taught me some valuable lessons about food. Something that I will be eternally grateful for!!
Although I still can't face breakfast too early, I always eat it now and I look forward to it! Regular mealtimes definitely help me in not snacking or being so overwhelmingly hungry that I'd eat everything that was wrong for me.
Good on you - I am more than sure that you will be successful. x


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Think we all need to think of SW as a new way of life and eating and if you implement all these things above (eating the 3 proper meals, using your HEB, HEA and syns effectively) it will make it easier for you to maintain close to your target once you reach it. Good Luck!

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