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A little advice needed

Hi everyone,
I'm supposed to be doing weightwatchers but to be honest i never stick to it for more then a few days. :( Mainly because nothings limited, i buy lots of yummy things but can't stop eating it all and then go way over my points.
I did SW years ago in my teens and did well while i stuck to it.
What i was wondering is, i eat loads of pasta but no veg so i would be on green days all the time, would this effect the weightloss? theres more to snack on, when on a green day then a red, well thats how i used to find it.
I really need to get started as i have to fit into a wedding dress and have 6 months to loss as much as possible, then i have to start dress shopping.

Any tips would be great? have any weightwatchers switched and had success?
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I've never done Weight Watchers. I couldn't be bothered with messing around counting everything. That being said, you do have to count your healthy extras and syns on Slimming World... but it's not too much effort. You certainly have much more freedom anyhow.

Have you done the NoCount thing whilst on Weight Watchers? Slimming World is similar... but you can snack (on free foods/syns/healthy extras) in between meals.

At the end of the day, both diets are based on the time-honoured fact that if you eat more calories than you burn you'll gain weight, eat less than you burn and you'll loose weight. They might not expect you to count calories, but that's how both diets work.

So there are ups and downs. On WW... you can have as much skimmed milk as you like on their NoCount. On SW, it is limited. On WW you have three meals a day... no snacking unless you count it as points or it's fruit or veg. On SW, you can snack as much as you want on free foods.

You've got to find what works for you. There's no perfect solution. I prefer SW. It naturally reduces my calories whilst making sure I'm getting enough healthy stuff in my HEXs. And I don't have to mess around counting all the time.

Hope you find what works for you.

Good luck,


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I don't see any difference in weight loss between red and green days, so I choose depending on what I fancy eating that day. I tried ww once and didn't stick at it for long because I felt deprived watching my points going down through the day, and because I knew I couldn't eat much if I was hungry. I'm doing much better on slimming world (so far!)
WW is great for some people but I'm not adult enough to chose a piece of fruit instead of chocolate..... so SW works better for me


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I find SW really easy to follow. I know that I will never be hungry. I can't stand most vegetables and I hardly ever eat fruit but my losses have been great. I stick to a variety of red and green. I think the most important thing with SW is variety. If you stick to the same old thing day in, day out, it will effect your losses. If you love loads of pasta, try it with different sauces etc. It will also stop you from getting bored.

I never thought that I would like lentils but I made a lentil curry yesterday and it was the best thing I have ever had (curry wise!)

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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I do mainly green days and find that I lose weight just fine. Have also done WW but got fed up with all the counting. I love pasta and jacket potatoes and they are free on green which is just great!!!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i only do green days as pasta is my favourite food in the world EVER - alongside pizza of course!

i've found my losses are better if i eat more veg, so have salad with a jacket potato/salad and make a roast dinner once a week.


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i have followed both red and green days a i didnt think it made a difference weight wise, im much more a green plan, find it difficult to ate enough on the red plan. Saying this, i know a few people who become bloated on green plan and find it doesnt agree with them and are more inclined to put on. definately stick with what you like and enjoy food wise
I have done both SW and WW and find SW LOADS easier i do any weighing or measuring i need to do at the start of the day for my HEx's and then i can eat what i like within reason!

I fill up on pasta on green days, and although i do red days 3 days a week for variety and to get some protein (cant stand quorn!) i prefer green days as i feel less hungry on them and i can have my fave SW green day treat Chips egg n beans!

I stick to a set pattern of
Monday Green
Tuesday Green
Wednesay Red
Thursday Green
Friday Red
Saturday Green
Sunday Red <- so i can have a roast YUM

That way i know where i am for planning when i do my weekly shop and also if im going out, although i tend to keep everything up to my midday meal either free or a HEx so i can change at tea time if i get home and someone has cooked something thats for the wrong day i can still tuck in !

Gen Xx
Thanks everyone,
i think i'm going to give it a bash, got nothing to loss but weight :)
Just got on the scales for the first time and burst into tears :break_diet: so something has to be done.
Aww hun <<< hug >>>.

Getting on the scales for the first time is rubbish BUT it's onwards and downwards from now on, so just think:

"I'll never be as heavy as this ever again"

S: 16st6lb C: 15st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st11lb(4.78%)
Good luck, you can do it this time!

Theresa x


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You can do it and we are all here to help you. And as Lou says, it's the last time you will weigh that!


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i think it varies i loose more on green cos i like u love pasta, potatoes etc. on red days i eat more junk cos as u say there is less to snack on.

i to did ww i found i had far too many points and was eating rubbish just to make up my points

Debs x

p.s i know a few vegitarians wi good losses obviously they do green
I tend to stick to green days and use my heb's for meat if i want any with my meals, i like feeling full off the pasta, rice and potatos and i'm rarely snacking inbetween now because of this.

I have tried ww many times but always end up feeling very hungry and cheating

goodluck whichever plan you decide to follow xx
mix and max is both a green and red day..............i do this all the time, so i never feel as if i can't something........cos i get bored with just havin a green day..........

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